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Yerba mate thermometer – the key to prepare the perfect brew!

Yerba mate is not just a drink, but a true ritual that has its roots in the Guarani Indian culture. This healthy, stimulating brew made from Ilex paraguariensis leaves contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. To fully enjoy the properties of yerba mate, proper preparation is key, especially the right temperature of the brewing water. This is where the yerba mate thermometer comes onto the scene–- an inconspicuous accessory that can become your best friend in the kitchen!

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Yerba mate – health elixir or carcinogenic trap?

Yerba mate is prized for its stimulating properties and rich flavour. It is increasingly being used by both health-conscious people and those looking for an alternative to coffee. The more people are interested, the more questions, rumours and controversies arise. One of the most common concerns is its potential carcinogenicity. Are these worries correct? Is yerba mate carcinogenic? It's time to separate the facts from the myths and take a closer look at the issue!

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Lemongrass – an addition to yerba mate (and beyond) with a wonderful aroma!

Lemongrass is an aromatic plant that is taking the cuisines and taste buds of people around the world by storm. Although it originates from Southeast Asia, where it has been prized for its health and culinary properties for centuries, today its lemony charm enchants gourmands on almost every continent. Lemongrass is not only an extraordinary culinary addition – its health properties and diverse uses make it a true natural treasure!

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Field horsetail – Equisetum arvense. Nature's underestimated treasure

Horsetail is a plant with astonishing properties. It has been used in natural medicine and cosmetics for centuries, and its beneficial effects on the body have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. This inconspicuous plant, widely regarded as a noxious weed, can help strengthen hair and nails and even get rid of cellulite! In today's post, we'll take a closer look at all the secrets of this unusual and underrated herb. Ready? Let's get started!

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Antioxidants in yerba mate. What are they and how do they affect your health?

When reading about the properties of yerba mate, you will no doubt have come across information more than once about its high antioxidant content. Your favourite infusions are in fact rich in antioxidants, and can therefore have a positive impact on our health. How specifically do they work? This is precisely the question we will address today.

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Caffeine in yerba mate and coffee – why choose mate tea?

Yerba mate is prized for its original herbal taste, but also for its strong stimulating properties, making it considered by many to be a good alternative to coffee. Both drinking mate tea and coffee can have many benefits, and each brew has its own advantages and disadvantages. Which one is better and can yerba mate really replace coffee completely? We dispel any doubts!

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Yerba Mate online store - - the cheapest online store with yerba mate and accessories is an online store with yerba mate run by people for whom yerba mate is more than just a business. It's our greatest passion that we would like to share with others. Thanks to our long presence on the market and a well-developed distribution network, our yerba mate store offers yerba mate tea and accessories at the lowest prices on the market. Our rich offer is addressed to both advanced and beginner enthusiasts of stimulating mate tea infusions. Wondering how to get started with yerba mate? Looking for a yerba mate starter kit with all necessary accessories like gourd and bombilla? How about a special gift set? Or maybe you’re an experienced yerba mate drinker and you’re looking for a certain, hard to find mate tea type? In our yerba mate store you will surely find what you are looking for!

The best yerba mate tea brands for beginners and advanced. Only in our online yerba mate store!

Yerba Mate is a South American infusion made from the leaves of Paraguayan holly. In addition to the high content of natural caffeine, yerba mate is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Depending on the composition and presence of additional ingredients, there exist different types of yerba mate. Despalada is devoid of sticks and contains leaves only. Elaborada is a traditional yerba mate with twigs. It has a distinctly bitter flavour. The opposite is the so-called mate green or yerba mate green. It is dried with air, thanks to which it has a lively color and a fresh, mild taste. If you are just starting out, you should opt for yerba mate with fruit or herbs. These types of blends of yerba mate will be perfect for beginners. They have a delicate, balanced taste. The additional ingredients found in yerba mate are usually characterized by pro-health character. Yerba mate to lose weight? A great idea! Yerba mate suppresses appetite and stimulates the digestive system. In conjunction with a healthy diet, it can help you get a slim fit body. In our yerba mate store you will find many herbal and classic yerba mate blends that will help you lose weight!

Cheap yerba mate accessories. Find high quality gourds, mates and bombillas in our online store!

Our yerba mate store has got a wide range of different types of yerba mate. We also offer all the accessories necessary for mate tea brewing and drinking. Bombilla is a special tube with filter used to separate dregs from a drink. We also have a huge variety of mate cups and gourds for yerba mate. Ceramic gourds are the most popular. It is also worth investing in palo santo gourd made of exotic wood with a wonderful resinous scent.

MateMundo - yerba mate store with passion. The best yerba mate and high-quality accessories!

What makes MateMundo the best yerba mate store in the UK? It’s quite simple! We have a wide distribution network and cooperate directly with the largest yerba mate producers. Our partners are well-known South American companies offering the best yerba mate in the world. Among them you will find famous brands: Rosamonte, Taragui, Verde Mate, Guarani, Soul Mate, Cruz de Malta, Yaguar, Soul Mate, Pajarito, Selecta and La Merced. Even the best-equipped stationary and herbal stores can’t beat our offer! An additional advantage of MateMundo store are attractive discount programs and free shipping on all orders above £45. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal!

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Our client reviews

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Our client reviews

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Our client reviews

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