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Ain't no joke! Buy guayusa 99% off

Yes, you see it right, no need to rub your eyes in astonishment. We are selling guayusa in teabags 99% off! If you're a fan of natural, stimulating infusions, you can't miss this opportunity. See how to get a packet of guayusa for (almost) free!

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Palo santo – how does the “sacred tree” help?

Palo santo... under these magical words lies an equally magical power. Referred to as the "sacred tree" by the indigenous inhabitants of the coasts of South and Central America, the plant has extraordinary properties. We, mateists, most closely associate it with the yerba mate drinking vessel, but this is not its only use. How does palo santo work and where does its magic come from? Let us explain!

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How much yerba mate can you drink per day? How much mate to pour and how to drink it?

If you can't imagine a day without yerba mate, the question must have crossed your mind more than once: “how much yerba mate can I drink per day without overdoing it?” Although its beneficial properties are widely known, the old saying: too much of a good thing! We will tell you what the optimal daily dose of yerba mate is and how much to drink in order not to overdo it. Enjoy your reading!

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7 reasons to start drinking yerba mate

Yerba mate – have you ever heard those two words and wondered what it is? Your friends are drinking some strange herb and you wonder why you should start drinking yerba mate at all? What are the benefits of drinking mate? Is it worth including it in your diet? We have 7 reasons to start drinking yerba mate – let's see if we can convince you!

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Nothing is more refreshing... than CBSé!

The perfect balance of yerba mate strength and flavour with great additives – that's the essence of CBSé. The Argentinian brand is mainly associated with its extraordinary flavoured yerba mates. Are you looking for a refreshment? Do you like fruity additives? Or are you slimming down? The answer to each question will be short – CBSé!

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Yerba mate in sports – how to help the body?

Sport has its own rules. Anyone who takes it up as an amateur or professional athlete knows that many factors contribute to good results. What counts is a healthy diet, hydration and providing the body with all the ingredients it needs to function properly. As it turns out, sportsmen and sportswomen are keen to use yerba mate. Yerba mate and sport is a perfect combination. How does drinking the Guarani Indian brew help?

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A shot of energy straight from the tropical forest. Guarana powder – effects and properties

The most popular source of caffeine is coffee. The black, roasted beans, ground into a powder and brewed with boiling water, provide a solid boost of energy, stimulating in the morning and throughout the day. Many people cannot imagine a morning without it, while others replace it with a serving of yerba mate, which stimulates just as much, but in a slightly different way. Few people know that there is a plant that contains even more caffeine than coffee and yerba mate. Guarana. It grows in the tropical jungle and is usually consumed in powdered form. Today we will take a closer look at it.

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Poured the beer into the mate gourd and... I will repeat it with pleasure

A hot day full of excitement. After a well-worked Friday, it's good to relax. There's nothing like a freshly poured yerba mate in the afternoon sunshine. There's nothing like a cold, refreshing beer with a good “nibble”. What if you could combine these two great flavours? I had read that it was possible and I decided to give it a try.

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Yerba mate with juice. Discover tereré ruso!

Summer often surprises us with very high temperatures. Seeking to cool down and refresh themselves, many members of our crew have switched to slurping tereré. Cold yerba mate is a tried and tested way to combat the effects of the heat. A portion of dry mate, well-chilled water and, optionally, a few ice cubes. The classic. But what about replacing good old H2O with juice? Specially for you, we decided to test a solution that South Americans often and willingly use. Read on!

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