Yerba mate blends with flowers. Perfect for spring!
Spring is here! Animals wake up from hibernation, plants slowly sprout their first shoots, and flowers appear in the greening meadows. And it is the flowers, and more specifically the aromatic yerba mate with their addition, that will be the subject of today's blog entry.
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Verde Mate Green Fuerte. The richest yerba mate blend available!
The Verde Mate Green family already has over 20 flavor variations and is still expanding with new products. One of the latest products of the Brazilian company is Verde Mate Green Fuerte. The unique, fruit and herbal composition contains 8 natural ingredients constituting almost 20% of the mix. This is the richest and one of the most original blends on the market!
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How to encourage your friends to drink mate tea? Check out our tips!
Yerba mate is the perfect infusion to drink in company. It helps to open up to others and strengthen relationships between people. But what if we are alone in our passion and friends shrug when they hear about yerba mate? The answer is simple: let's try to infect them with our passion! And we know how to do it!
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Chimafácil. Yerba mate without dregs and clogged bombilla!
It’s not always easy to prepare an infusion from a finely cut yerba mate. Some bombillas get clogged easily, others get the dregs pass through the filter. Fortunately, there is a solution! Chimafácil, a special separator straight from Brazilian manufacturer, has just been added to our store's offer!
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Yaguar Cannabis. New yerba mate tea with hemp now available!
Hemp products are getting more and more popular nowadays. Recently, the food industry has also become interested in them, the best proof of which is our latest premiere! Yaguar Cannabis with hemp flour is probably the most interesting flavor in the Brazilian yerba mate brand's offer.
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Wanna quit smoking? Perhaps… yerba mate will help you!
You’ve probably heard the humorous term "ashtray" refering to bitter, most often Paraguayan yerba mate like Pajarito. All by associating the characteristic smoky aroma with tobacco smoke. Meanwhile, unlike cigarettes, yerba mate has a positive effect on health and it can actually help in the fight against nicotine addiction! Find out why!
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