Just like wine. Meet the very first yerba mate sommelier!
A sommelier is an advisor specialized in selection, serving and tasting of wine. It turns out that in the world of mate tea we can also find similar experts. One of the pioneers of yerba mate sommelier is Valeria Trapaga from Argentina. What’s her job like? Read on and find out!
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A new fashion in Argentina: mate vessels with images of famous politicians
The Argentinian 3D printing studio has launched a serie of mate vessels with three-dimensional images of various characters. It wouldn't be surprising if not for the fact that most of them are… well-known figures of the local political scene. Apparently the vessels are selling great. At the same time, they provoke discussions and ironic comments... We look at reports from overseas in the latest blog entry.
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Organic guayusa is better! Here’s why the certification matters.
Pachamama is one of the pioneering ilex guayusa brands in our country and at the same time the first one coming from an ecological plantation. The excellent qualities of the product made it quickly become the domestic leader of this constantly developing market. No wonder there are several competing products on the horizon. These, however, while they might look inviting, rarely match the quality of organic products.
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Mate WITHOUT yerba mate? The controversial Paraguayan drink provokes an avalanche of hatred!
Summer has come to Europe for good ... But today, exceptionally, we’re not going to talk about the heat. Let’s take a trip to South America, more specifically to Paraguay and Argentina, where it is winter now. Even Paraguayans are switching from their beloved tereré to more warming drinks. One of them is warm sweet mate with the addition of milk, sugar and coconut. However, there is a problem here ...
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Yaguar Fiesta. Try our new strawberry yerba mate!
We proudly present something for all lovers of fruit flavors! Yaguar Fiesta is the perfect combination of yerba mate, strawberry, lemongrass and mint in balanced proportions that will appeal to beginners and experienced yerba mate lovers. Its great taste will surely seduce you!
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Argentina and Uruguay. Two countries, two different approaches to yerba mate
Argentinians and Uruguayans are two very close nations. They are connected by geography and language, as well as by culture and customs of everyday life. As you surely know, both are also famous for their love of yerba mate. However, when we take a closer look at the traditions associated with it, we will see some differences. We describe them in our latest blog entry.
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From the secret Indian herb to the national drink of millions of people. Who popularized yerba mate tea?
If you are interested in the history of yerba mate, you certainly know that the discoverers of its properties were the indigenous people of Paraguay from the Guarani tribe. However, it is more difficult to find information about how it has grown from a locally valued "miracle plant" into a symbol and an integral part of everyday life for millions of South Americans. Jesuit missionaries contributed greatly to this!
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Cold brew yerba mate with prestigious awards. Tereré among the most refreshing drinks in the world!
Tereré, or yerba mate served cold, is a centuries-old Paraguayan tradition that has only just begun to gain international recognition. Last December, it was placed on the UNESCO heritage list, and recently the publisher of the prestigious National Geographic magazine recognized it as one of the most refreshing drinks in the world. If you haven't tried tereré yet, be sure to catch up. Especially now, as summer is coming!
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