Yerba mate vs. coffee? What to choose?

Yerba mate gains popularity all over the world. It contains many vitamins and minerals and exhibits a lot of valuable properties. It is best known for its stimulating effect. This is due to its caffeine content, which most people associate with coffee. Since both drinks contain caffeine and have a stimulating effect, it begs the question: what is better - coffee or yerba mate?

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Indian legends about the origins of yerba mate - the drink of the ancient gods

The cult of yerba mate in South America emerged centuries ago, and even today the drink is considered by the local people as part of their everyday life. The plant became very important for the Indians. So important that the moment of its discovery was reflected in stories passed down from generation to generation. Today, these legends are mixed together and each version is slightly different, depending on who is telling it. We will try to introduce some of them to you.

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How can you enhance the taste of the brew? Additives for yerba mate

Do you drink the same yerba mate day after day and although you love it, you are a little bored with the taste? Have you bought yerba mate that you don't like, but you don’t want to throw it away? Or have you just started with mate and don't quite like the characteristic bitter taste of this South American tea?

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Ilex paraguariensis, ilex guayusa, ilex dumosa... What are the differences?

Ilex paraguariensis, the plant used to make yerba mate, comes from the holly family, which includes around 600 species! In the tropical rainforests of South America, apart from ilex paraguariensis, there are also ilex guayusa and ilex dumosa. What are the differences between yerba mate’s sisters and why have they not become equally popular?

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Many types of yerba mate. Differences according to country of origin

Yerba mate is a drink that originates from South America. Its popularity in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay can be compared to the popularity of coffee or tea in other parts of the world. Although in each country it is made from the same plant, ilex paraguariensis, the way it is produced, served and drunk differs slightly depending on its origin.

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Yerba mate - properties. What is the green drink from South America?

Imagine the thought that comes to mind: what if you swap coffee for something healthier? Instead of a cup, put a gourd on the kitchen counter? Instead of black coffee, put green yerba mate? Instead of a spoon, use a bombilla? Find out what yerba mate is. The properties and benefits of drinking it regularly!

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Interesting facts about yerba mate
Whether you are just beginning your adventure with the "drink of friendship" or you are already an experienced mateist, you might not have known some interesting facts about yerba mate.
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Is yerba mate healthy for children?
There is no need to convince anyone about the many beneficial properties of yerba mate. The question is whether the infusion made of the leaves of Ilex paraguariensis should be drunk by children?
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Brazil and Paraguay are challenging Argentine producers. Who will win the battle for the Middle East yerba mate market?
Although the export of yerba mate to Europe and the US is growing rapidly, the Middle East countries remain the main market for the so-called "green gold" outside of South America. So far, Argentine producers have had the largest share there. However, this may soon change due to competitors from Brazil and Paraguay offering mate tea at much lower prices. Who will be the winner in this confrontation? We analyze it in the latest blog entry!
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