Get ready for new flavors of Mary Rose teas!
Most of you are probably familiar with the offer of Mary Rose. The brand has been around for a long time, but only recently has it started to introduce new blends of their teas! Check out those that have just appeared in the offer of our store.
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Warm up with yerba mate! The best mate teas for frosty season
Thick layers of snow stretching up to the hazy horizon... We will probably experience similar views from behind the window in your homes as well. However, there is a way to get in the winter! We've chosen a few yerba mate teas, which will not only give you energy, but also warm you up!
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Yerba mate tea on the road? Only with Cebador Drive!
As we all know, yerba mate perfectly energizes, which is why you eagerly reach for it during longer car journeys. Regardless of how often you are behind the wheel and whether you do it professionally, we have something that will make your ride more enjoyable! The Cebador Drive is a gourd that fits perfectly into the car's drink holder. Are you driving You must have it!
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Guarani Energia Caffeine+. Try the most stimulating mate tea from Paraguay!
When choosing yerba mate tea, most of you pay special attention to its caffeine content. As you probably know, products with addition of guarana are considered the most stimulating mate teas on the market. There are several brands offering this type of mate, but only one of them definitely stands out. We’re talking Guarani Energia Caffeine+. You've got to try it!
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Yerba mate & fine arts. Check out those paintings!
As you know, yerba mate is deeply rooted in South American culture. It accompanies the local literary figures, appears in films, series and TV commercials. It can also be an interesting topic for… painters. And that's what our today's post is about.
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The year 2020 hasn’t been easy but it’s finally coming to an end. After this hard time, it is worth determining the goals that you want to reach the next year. One of the most common resolutions is losing weight and beginning a healthy lifestyle. Yerba mate may be very helpful so if you want to do these things as well, find out more!
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Yerba mate tea ingredients – katuava or catuaba?
On the market there are many yerba mate teas available - they contain ingredients such as herbs, fruit, oils, and flavours. You were probably wondering why there is ‘katuava’ on the packaging whereas there is ‘catuaba’ another time. It turns out that despite the similar names, these are two different ingredients. Today we are going to explain this issue and tell you more about these plants!
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