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Organic products

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Organic products. Energy straight from nature

Every year our awareness as consumers is increasing. We pay more attention to what we choose, to the labels of products, their origin and composition. We are keen to eat products that are healthy and of the highest possible quality. There is a growing fashion for organic food, for leading a healthy lifestyle and for ecology in general. But this is not just a short-term trend – it is a necessity, for the sake of our planet, which we are increasingly exploiting. We also adhere to the principles of the eco-philosophy and, in line with this, we offer you, our customers, a wide range of healthy, certified organic products, without artificial additives.

What are organic products?

Products with the “bio” or “eco” in their name are of much higher quality than conventional products. Being on a higher shelf involves a slightly higher price, but it is worth paying more for something that is good not only for humans, but for the environment as a whole. Organic products have the same properties as those produced conventionally. Organic origin does not affect the taste and aroma qualities or their performance, but it brings many other advantages that make organic food the one to reach for. However, let us first start by explaining what products are considered organic and how they are labelled.

Benefits of organic products

Unlike mass production, organic farms focus on the product rather than maximising profit. This translates into the high quality of the products they produce. The high quality that goes into eco products is not their only advantage. Food that comes from organic farming is healthier. Plants are usually grown on more fertile soil, rich in valuable minerals, and this translates into a higher concentration of vitamins and nutrients. Organic products, although they work the same as conventional ones, contain more vitamins and minerals. No harmful pesticides or artificial chemicals are used on the organic farms where yerba mate, tea, coffee, edible flowers or other products are grown. The plants mature on their own, almost without human intervention. According to their own vegetation cycle. This not only has an impact on their development, but on the entire ecosystem – an organic plantation does not endanger other plant species or animals living nearby. The mature plants are harvested by hand – no heavy machinery is used, which interferes with the natural environment by destroying it. Further production uses traditional methods instead of advanced technology, which often generates harmful waste. Concern for the natural environment is the most important aspect of organic production, but it also has a wider significance. Producers of organic food are usually small, local farms with a high work and production ethic. They have a strong commitment not only to the environment around them, but also to their local communities.

Organic logo – a guarantee of quality

Organic certificate logo

In the European Union, organic products are labelled with the EU organic logo – a white leaf consisting of stars, derived from the European Union flag, on a green background. The logo signifies that the product on which it appears has been certified organic, meaning that at least 95% of its ingredients have been organically grown. Each stage of production in a company seeking certification is subject to rigorous standards and controls. In our shop we offer organic yerba mate, which sometimes also have other certifications that attest to their high quality, ethical production and respect for the natural environment. Often found is the Rainforest Certified Alliance certification, with the distinctive green frog in the logo – issued by an international non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting the environment that aims to protect the environment, the wellbeing of workers and the local community. Organic yerba is also often certified with the Fair for Life logo, which ensures that Fair Trade standards are maintained – this applies to aspects of trade and production.

Choose nature!

We make every effort to ensure that all products available in our shop are of the highest possible quality, whether they are conventionally produced or organically grown. However, we particularly recommend organic products if you want to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy. In our shop, you will find plenty of organic products that are marked with a green leaf logo: yerba mate, edible flowers, spices and many, many more. This is not only for those who are looking for quality products, but above all for those who take a conscious approach to what they buy. Ecology is not just fashion, but a certain philosophy and a fight for the well-being of our planet!