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How to lose weight with yerba mate?

How to lose weight with yerba mate?

Yerba mate is primarily known for its stimulating effect. It contains a significant dose of caffeine, vitamins, minerals and other compounds that support the functioning of the body. As it turns out, yerba mate is also great for weight loss. Wondering how it works and whether yerba actually slims you down? Check out today's article!


  1. Yerba mate – does it make you slimmer?
  2. Yerba mate for weight loss – properties
  3. Herbal supplements for yerba mate
  4. How to properly prepare and drink yerba mate to see results?

Yerba mate – does it make you slimmer?

The new year 2023 started some time ago, but it is not too late to make New Year's resolutions. One of the most common goals we set ourselves every year is to lose a few unwanted kilos and achieve a beautiful, slim figure by the holidays. We all want to feel good about our bodies, but sometimes it's hard to deal with our own resolutions. Usually it's the case that we have plenty of motivation and when we don't see results, we let go. Then, more often than not, we reach for something unhealthy and later regret our decision. But maybe not everything is lost?

We have good news for yerba mate lovers – the South American brew is not only a great stimulant, but, with a little motivation and control of your lifestyle, it can also help you achieve your dream goal. Does yerba mate make you lose weight? "Paraguayan tea", as it is sometimes called, has many great properties. First and foremost, it is known for its stimulating effect – it reduces the feeling of fatigue, improves concentration and gives energy for action. In addition to this, it causes a feeling of satiety, aids digestion and cleanses the body. By itself, yerba mate does not cause weight loss, but with the right diet and exercise, it can aid weight loss. Yerba mate and weight loss - how exactly does it work?

Yerba mate for weight loss

Yerba mate for weight loss – properties

Yerba mate is a drink full of health and, although we don't always realise it – it has a positive effect on almost the entire body. However, not everyone is aware of the powerful effect mate tea can have on weight loss. What are the mechanisms of its action?

Yerba mate stops appetite

Yerba mate aids weight loss mainly through the feeling of satiety it induces. This has to do with its effect on the receptors in the large intestine which inform us of the feeling of hunger. By drinking mate before a meal, we are able to satisfy our hunger quicker because we feel it less, so we eat less food and therefore absorb fewer calories and can control our weight more easily. Yerba mate also aids weight loss by inhibiting the activity of a digestive enzyme (pancreatic lipase). It is this enzyme that breaks down fats, and inhibiting its activity helps to reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body. When this enzyme is blocked, fats are not digested in the small intestine. This reduces the calorific value of food. Therefore, it is advisable to drink yerba mate not only before a meal, but also about 30 minutes after eating. This is especially true for meals rich in fat, such as lunch and dinner.

Yerba mate supports metabolism

Caffeine, of which there is almost as much in yerba mate as in coffee, not only stimulates but also has an effect on metabolism. According to a study conducted on rats, the results of which were published in 2019 in the Journal of Functional Foods, caffeine can help treat obesity by inhibiting the growth of body fat. Furthermore, the saponins contained in yerba mate enhance the diuretic effect, which improves detoxification of the body. The metabolism is also influenced by the vitamins and minerals contained in mate tea. A more efficient metabolism means that fat is burned more quickly, resulting in better weight loss.

Yerba mate supports the digestive system and liver function

When consumed regularly, yerba mate stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, relieves discomfort associated with the digestive process and improves intestinal peristalsis. By including the infusion in the daily diet, we feel "lighter". Yerba mate is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which, among other things, promote blood flow in the body. This is of great importance for the proper functioning of the liver, which plays the most important role for the entire digestive system.

Effect of the chlorogenic acid contained in yerba mateEffect of the chlorogenic acid contained in yerba mate

One of the most important ingredients in yerba mate, right after caffeine, is chlorogenic acid. First of all, it is a very powerful antioxidant, but it also shows other properties. It inhibits the conversion of stem cells into fat cells, contributes to lowering LDL, called “bad cholesterol”, which increases the risk of arteriosclerosis, and increases the body's sensitivity to insulin, thus having a positive effect on the body's sugar balance.

Bonus: yerba mate is low in calories

People not yet familiar with the Guarani’s brew often ask: does yerba mate have calories? Although it is not entirely devoid of them, mate tea has a low calorie content. Different brands of yerba mate may vary slightly in this respect, but a 50 g serving of dried product poured over 500 ml of water is assumed to contain around 10-50 kcal. This is not very much, considering that we usually pour much less dried product into a container and then pour mate repeatedly until the leaves lose their flavour and aroma.

Herbal supplements for yerba mate

What is the best yerba mate for weight loss? Regardless of the brand, production method or harvest time of Ilex paraguariensis, every variety of yerba mate has weight loss properties. So whether it's a Brazilian chimarrão, a mild mate green or a smoky, intense mate from Paraguay, it will work. There is, however, a way to increase the slimming potential of mate – herbal additives that further improve metabolism, support the digestive system and contribute to detoxification. Which herbs are worth looking out for?

  • mint – this is probably the first herb that comes to mind when talking about supporting the digestive system. Not only does mint have a refreshing taste and smell, but it also increases the secretion of digestive juices, improves intestinal function and soothes symptoms of indigestion;
  • chamomile – like mint, relieves digestion; relaxes the smooth muscles of the digestive tract, relieves flatulence and has a diastolic effect;
  • fennel – also supports the digestive system, reduces appetite, helps remove excess water from the body and speeds up the metabolic process;
  • cistus (rockrose) – considered one of the richest sources of polyphenols. It has a positive effect on cleansing the body of toxins and on the functioning of the digestive system;
  • boldo – a very popular plant in South America whose leaves contain boldin, a substance that stimulates bile production and is a powerful antioxidant;
  • other herbs that are often combined with yerba mate are: carqueja, senna, field horsetail, rosehip, lemongrass, fucus, linseed, chia seeds.
Yerba mate for weight loss

When using yerba mate with weight loss in mind and hoping for the fastest possible results, it is advisable to combine it with the herbs mentioned above. They can be added on their own to a mate gourd, but many manufacturers offer ready-to-use functional blends designed to support a weight-loss diet. Such products are most often labelled in the name or on the packaging with statements such as “fitness”, “silueta” or “regulase”. Which yerba mate products in our shop are the best for weight loss? We particularly recommend yerba mate from the Brazilian brand Verde Mate: Silueta, Regulase or Detox. Weight loss with their support is a pure pleasure! For those who are particularly motivated to achieve a slim figure, we recommend yerba mate in the large slimming set, which includes products from top brands.

How to properly prepare and drink yerba mate to see results?

In order to make the best and most effective use of the properties of yerba mate, the infusion needs to be properly prepared. Mate tea is brewed in a special vessel, called a mate gourd, made of calabash, wood or ceramic. Pour the dry product in: for advanced tea drinkers up to 1/2 of the container's volume, and for beginners up to 1/3 of its volume. Then tilt the container so that the dried product is on one side of the wall. Place the bombilla where there is the least amount of dried product. Pour in water at a temperature of approximately 70-80 °C. Make sure that the water is not boiling, because then the infusion will be too bitter. Pour in a little and wait for the dry to absorb the water. When this happens, we can add water to the full. Yerba mate prepared in this way is ready to drink. It can help with weight loss as an addition to a healthy lifestyle. You ask: how many times to drink it? One portion of the dried product can be poured several times until it loses its flavour and aroma. Yerba mate is an excellent addition to diet. How long before the effects become visible? It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally as every body is different and reacts to the effects of mate in a completely different way. The best solution is to try it and see for yourself!

Finally, we add and remind you that yerba mate alone is not enough to lose weight quickly. You cannot do it without a balanced diet, especially if you are pressed for time. It is also worth joining a gym or doing sports, preferably a discipline you enjoy. The best results come from a combination of well-chosen exercises, a balanced diet and regular drinking of yerba mate.

There are plenty of "natural" fat burners available on the market, which have never really stood next to anything natural. By choosing the right blend from a reliable yerba mate shop, we can be sure that it can help us achieve the desired effect and we certainly won't feel disappointed!

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Yerba Verde Mate Green Silueta 0,5kg

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Verde Mate Green Herbal Energy 0,5kg

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Yerba Verde Mate Green Regulase 0,5kg

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