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Yerba mate in sports – how to help the body?

Yerba mate in sports – how to help the body?

Sport has its own rules. Anyone who takes it up as an amateur or professional athlete knows that many factors contribute to good results. What counts is a healthy diet, hydration and providing the body with all the ingredients it needs to function properly. As it turns out, sportsmen and sportswomen are keen to use yerba mate. Yerba mate and sport is a perfect combination. How does drinking the Guarani Indian brew help?


  1. Yerba mate and exercise – how does it work?
  2. Yerba mate before training – a powerful energy boost
  3. Yerba mate after training – excellent body recovery
  4. Yerba mate + physical activity = effective weight loss
  5. Professional sportspeople drink yerba mate!

Yerba mate and exercise – how does it work?

Although for hundreds of years it was a secret of the Indians living in South America, today yerba mate is known in many countries, on distant continents. Of course, it is still far from the popularity of coffee or tea, but more and more people are beginning to appreciate its natural richness and valuable qualities. Ilex paraguariensis – the plant from which the muddy green infusion is made is a source of many ingredients that support the body's work in various areas. It contains xanthines, the most important of which is caffeine, antioxidants, a range of vitamins and minerals. Yerba mate is used by everyone, young and old, men and women, and is particularly favoured by people who lead active and healthy lifestyles. Yerba mate is an excellent support for athletes – both professional ones and those who simply want to increase their body's physical fitness. How does it work and when is it best to drink mate tea?

Yerba mate before training – a powerful energy boost

Yerba mate is primarily known for its stimulating properties, which are due to its high caffeine content. Unlike coffee, the feeling of stimulation after drinking mate lasts for a really long time and is not followed by a sudden drop in energy. Thanks to caffeine, yerba mate increases brain activity and the ability to concentrate. Caffeine has a vasodilatory effect, which stimulates the circulatory system and improves the delivery of oxygen to the muscles, resulting in increased performance. The Guarani Indians, although they did not lift barbells in the gym, made strong use of the stimulating properties of yerba mate. An infusion of its leaves gave them energy and increased concentration, which was highly desirable during hours of gruelling hunting. These properties also proved very useful before and during exercise. It is no wonder, then, that physically active people like to reach for yerba mate before a workout to give themselves an energy boost and a positive mood. It is the ideal pre-workout, which not only boosts strength and reduces fatigue, but also motivates physical activity and helps to increase the intensity of exercise. Stimulation is not the only property of yerba mate relevant to athletes. The positive effect of yerba mate on metabolism is also not insignificant. Regular drinking of mate infusion speeds up the metabolic process, which also contributes to increasing the body's physical endurance.

Yerba mate and sport

Yerba mate after training – excellent body recovery

As we have already mentioned, mate infusions are an excellent source not only of stimulating caffeine, but also of vitamins and minerals essential for the body's proper functioning and regeneration, which is crucial in professional sport. Yerba mate is a source of vitamins B, C and E, as well as elements such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. After training, athletes often reach for isotonic drinks to replenish water, electrolyte, mineral salt and vitamin deficiencies resulting from intensive exercise. Yerba mate is an excellent and, in addition, all-natural and healthy alternative to isotonic drinks – it is free of sugar and artificial colourings. The ability to prevent the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles – the substance responsible for the formation of muscle soreness – also plays an important role in sport.

Yerba mate + physical activity = effective weight loss

Sport is not only about health, but also about a beautiful figure. People who want to lose weight include a set of exercises in the slimming process, in addition to a well-balanced diet. Yerba mate is therefore also appreciated by those who practice sport occasionally or treat it only as a tool for achieving their dream silhouette. Yerba mate supports the metabolism of fats and the feeling of satiety, and its combination with a suitable diet and exercise can have a significant impact in supporting the weight loss process.

Professional sportspeople drink yerba mate!

Yerba mate and sport are a duo that not only sounds good. The effects of yerba mate on the body have been recognised by many world-class athletes. It is no surprise that football stars from South America, such as Leo Messi, Luis Suarez or Neymar, can most often be found with a calabash and bombilla in hand. European footballers such as Paul Pogba, Antoine Griezmann and Robert Lewandowski have also picked up the habits of their colleagues. Many footballers appreciate the positive energy of yerba mate.

Reach for yerba mate – for your health!

If you are involved in sport, you are certainly well aware of the importance of concentration during training and tournaments. Yerba mate is an excellent stimulant! If you want to achieve a really strong effect, it is worth reaching for variations with the addition of guarana, which will support the body more effectively by providing a double dose of caffeine. They are certainly ideal as a pre-workout drink. You will notice the difference really quickly. Don't give in to fatigue and let yourself perform at your best. Reach for yerba mate – for your health!

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