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Bombilla palo santo – feel the strength of the holy wood

Bombilla palo santo – feel the strength of the holy wood

Bombilla palo santo is a gadget that every fan of traditional ways of drinking yerba mate and South American folklore will surely enjoy. Palo santo is an important part of local culture. Why is this kind of bombilla a good idea?

What is palo santo?

Palo santo is a tree also known as Bursera graveolens which is its Latin name. In other words, it is a holy tree, which history dates back to the ancient Inca Empire. It was then used during ritual ceremonies and healing rituals. For a long time, it was also used by South American shamans. People believed that palo santo had healing properties; these beliefs were connected with its aromatic resin. Palo santo has been an important element of traditional medicine in those regions to this day. Some people still use palo santo as incense and its essential oils can be applied in aromatherapy.

Bombilla palo santo – is it a good choice?

Palo santo is a good material for mate gourds - when exposed to warm infusions, the wood starts releasing its essential oils that enrich the taste and aroma of yerba mate. Bombilla palo santo works in the same way - the whole thing is made of the holy wood. When you drink warm yerba mate tea, you can easily feel its incredible scent that will surely raise your spirits. This kind of yerba mate straw looks so different from what we use on the daily basis, i.e. bombillas made of stainless steel or alpaca. Bombilla palo santo is a great option for everyone who appreciates South American folklore and unusual mate tea accessories. Palo santo bombillas are available in our online shop. We import them straight from South America so you can be sure that they are 100% original. It is worth taking into consideration that these products are hand-made. It is very important when it comes to ordering as they can be in different colours. What is connected with this fact, the products can look different from the one on the photo. On the other hand, it doesn’t influence the properties of bombilla and, what is more, you get a unique gadget! If you use palo santo accessories, be sure that you maintain them in the right way - this type of products should be washed with water without detergents. You shouldn’t wash them in the dishwasher. Remember that if you want to enjoy your special accessories for a long time!