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What is alpaca and why you NEED a bombilla made of it!

What is alpaca and why you NEED a bombilla made of it!

What is alpaca and where does it come from?

Alpaca does not seem to be a widely known material. However, objects made of it have been accompanying people for several centuries. The alloy recipe was developed by Chinese metallurgists during the Qing Dynasty. The combination of copper, nickel and zinc proved to be resistant to mechanical damage and rust, which made it extremely popular. Although its export was banned, it quickly spread to other parts of the world, where it was available under various trade names. Some of them are still in circulation today. If you come across terms such as high-nickel brass, argentan, melchior or Chinese silver, you're dealing with alpaca. In the second half of the 18th century, steel mills in Germany implemented it for mass production. At the height of the flourishing of the industrial revolution in the second half of the nineteenth century, the alpaca was already known almost all over the world. Today its used mainly in the production of surgical appliances required to have resistance to oxidation and damage and musical instruments.

Alpaca - perfect for a good bombilla

For more than a century, steel mills in South America have used alpaca for different practical purpose. Rust resistance, mechanical strength and chemical purity of the alloy made it an excellent raw material for the production of bombilla straws. Yerba mate tubes made of it look like silver. At the same time, the cost of their production is slightly lower. No wonder that Alpaca bombillas quickly began to be identified with top-shelf accessories. Only silver or golden bombillas remain more exclusive.

New bombillas made from Brazilian Alpaca now available!

We've recently received a new supply of mate tea accessories including bombillas made of pure alpaca! We tried to focus on diversity; they’re from the same material, but each has a different design. Designers focused on references to Latin folk art interpreting it in different ways. Three of them were enriched with a special cooling ring. They are all equipped with a traditional spoon filter, which works well with most types of yerba mate tea.

Mate tea fan, get yourself a bombilla made from alpaca!

We have no doubt that every fan of yerba mate should have an alpaca bombilla in his collection. Hardly any product will provide such high mechanical strength and rust resistance. Apart from purely functional values, they’re all distinguished by sophisticated design. Do not hesitate! Get yourself a bombilla made from alpaca!