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Winter is coming! Limited blends of teas and yerba mate now available!

Winter is coming! Limited blends of teas and yerba mate now available!

Winter is coming, so once again we extend our offer with limited seasonal flavors of teas and yerba mate. They will warm you up and give energy even when it’s freezing outside! We offer you both the hit mixes from last year and completely new products. Which of them we consider worth your attention?

Guarani mate tea for the very first time in a special winter edition!

Guarani Let It Snow combines the sweet and spicy notes of apple, cinnamon and ginger with the noble bitterness of traditional smoke-dried yerba mate. How intense does the fusion taste? Really well! The dry character of the whole is deftly neutralized by the addition of lemongrass. However, we are still dealing with an expressive mix dedicated primarily to lovers of the classic Paraguayan mate tea.

Mary Rose. Two new tea blends for the winter!

Not only yerba mate fans have something to be happy about. The tea brand Mary Rose boasts as many as two new compositions created especially for the autumn-winter period. Both the Winter Spice and Gingerbread variations are based on fusions with apple, cinnamon and orange peel gently mixed with gingerbread essence. Thanks to the harmonious proportions, they are balanced and seems just perfect for the festive season. So what is the difference between these two seemingly identical compositions? It is the type of tea. The first one is based on black sencha, which brings delicately spicy, warming taste of the brew. The dominant element of the "Gingerbread" variation is also sencha, but this time its green variety. As a result, there is more bitterness here, but at the same time the characteristic crispness that this type of tea is famous for is also present. Which one of them do we recommend in particular? Both fusions are successful, and because of the identical additives, it all comes down to deciding whether you prefer black or green tea.

mary rose gingerbread winter spice

Winter variations of yerba mate known from last year available again!

Special winter flavour variations of well-known mate and teas made their debut in our shop in November 2020. Today, although we focus primarily on new products, we have decided to continue selling the mixes that you liked so much last year. Certainly not everyone has had the opportunity to try them yet, but those who know them will probably reach for them again. No wonder, because they are truly delicious! The organic Soul Mate Frosty Season and the light and subtle Verde Mate Winter Edition are back in stock. However, the real bestseller of the past year turned out to be the Brazilian Yaguar Winter Prune with dried plum flavour. You’ll never find anything like it! Keep in mind, however, that each of the products described here in this entry will be available only during the autumn-winter season!


Soul Mate Organica Frosty Season 0,5kg (certified)

Soul Mate Organica Frosty Season 0,5kg (certified)

£6.90 incl. VAT/1item(£13.80 / kg incl. VAT)
Yaguar Winter Prune 0.5kg

Yaguar Winter Prune 0.5kg

£5.10 incl. VAT/1item(£10.20 / kg incl. VAT)
Guarani Let it snow 400 g

Guarani Let it snow 400 g

£4.90 incl. VAT/1item(£12.25 / kg incl. VAT)
Mary Rose - Winter Spice Tea  - 50 g

Mary Rose - Winter Spice Tea - 50 g

£3.20 incl. VAT/1item(£64.00 / kg incl. VAT)