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Yerba mate on the go? We know how to make a delicious brew whatever the situation!

Yerba mate on the go? We know how to make a delicious brew whatever the situation!

As befits avid yerba mate drinkers, you surely enjoy slurping mate in many situations – at school, work, on a walk or during a long journey. Not just in the morning, in your own kitchen, where you can comfortably prepare the legendary brew of the Guarani Indians and drink it at home. How can you comfortably drink mate tea outside the home? Check out our ideas!


  1. Yerba mate anytime, anywhere!
  2. The perfect temperature for longer. How does it work?
  3. Yerba mate outside the home? Why not!

Yerba mate anytime, anywhere!

Yerba mate makes you happy at any time of the day, but taking the whole brewing kit with you everywhere is very unwieldy. Imagine this for yourself. You pack a suitcase for a holiday or a small backpack for a day trip to the mountains. You need a mate gourd, a bombilla, a tin of yerba mate, and maybe two or three different flavours at once so you don't get bored... Where else do you fit the rest of your essential luggage? And how will you brew mate without access to hot water? So many questions, so few answers. Fortunately, we have a solution! If you are going on a trip – whether it is a hike, a bicycle tour or a longer trip by car or train, or if you are wondering how to drink mate comfortably at school, work, the gym or under a tent – be sure to check out our comprehensive review of thermoses and vessels for drinking yerba mate on the go!

The perfect temperature for longer. How does it work?

Before we get into the specifics, let's start with a little physics lesson. Have you ever wondered how it is that tea, coffee or yerba mate in a thermos retains its temperature for up to several hours? The whole secret lies in the special design of the thermal vessel, the so-called vacuum. The vessel, whose task is to maintain the temperature of the substance it contains, is constructed with two walls, between which a tight space is created from which air is pumped out. In this way, very low pressure is generated and the thermal conductivity between the vessel's contents and its surroundings is reduced – the lower the pressure in the vacuum, the better the temperature insulation.

Yerba mate outside the home? Why not!

Yerba mate is a great travel companion for young and old. Going for a walk? Prepare your mate at home and take your mate gourd in hand! A car journey awaits you? Driving and holding yerba mate in the car can be a bit more cumbersome, so why not get the specially shaped Drive calabash, whose diameter (7 cm) fits most standard car handles. Do you want to keep your brew hotter for longer? There are several solutions here – see for yourself.

Thermal mugs

Our online shop offers two types of thermal mugs for yerba mate. Both are made of the highest quality stainless steel, with double wall technology that ensures good temperature insulation. They differ in several important details. The first vessel, the TermoMate, resembles by its design a traditional mate gourd made of palo santo wood. It holds approximately 190 ml of brew, fits perfectly in the hand and looks great. Its improved version is the TermoLid, which also has a silicone lid with a seal and a hollow for the bombilla, which makes the transport of the brew even more comfortable. The second type of mate gourd is also much larger – it holds up to 350 ml of brew and will fit into most car holders (its diameter is 8 cm). The disadvantage of this type of vessel is that it can only be transported vertically.

Thermoses for yerba mate

The solution for longer journeys are thermoses. In our shop you will find several types – smaller and larger, made of various materials and useful in different situations:

  • The simplest device is a glass thermos with infuser”Mate to Go”. Like the previously mentioned thermal vessels, it is made of two walls between which a vacuum has been created. However, the walls are not steel, but glass. Inside the thermos there is an infuser into which you simply pour the dry leaves of mate, pour the water into the large container and you're done! Although glass does not insulate the temperature as well as stainless steel, the advantage of the glass thermos is that it is transparent, allowing you to get a glimpse of the impressive yerba mate brewing process. Our glass thermos for tea and yerba mate is quite small – it holds around 300 ml of brew. It's a great option for school or work.
  • For those who value original design over functionality, we recommend the star patterned infuser with a thermal mug available in our shop, which has a triple function: a brewer, a mug and a thermos with a strainer for tea and yerba mate! Like the glass thermos, the vessel is equipped with a steel brewer – a strainer into which dry mate tea can be poured. The difference is in the construction material (stainless steel), the capacity (approx. 350 ml) and the lid with an automatic stopper, which allows the brew to be poured comfortably into the mug.
  • Comfort of use and stylish design combine in this modern LED thermos by Cebador, which makes it easy to control the temperature of your yerba mate water. It is equipped with an LED display that shows the current temperature of the water or brew inside. To top it off, the thermos is equipped with a stainless steel strainer, so you can prepare your yerba mate directly in the vessel and enjoy a delicious brew without grounds!
  • The large Largoinox thermos is an accessory that is perfect for preparing and drinking yerba mate in extreme conditions – under a tent, in the mountains or on a long holiday. The Largoinox thermos flask is characterised by its robust construction, stylish design and comfort in any situation! It can hold up to 1L of water and will maintain the temperature for up to 12 hours. It comes with a practical handle, a convenient mouthpiece, cup and a leak-proof stopper to prevent leaks. An essential gadget for any traveller-mateist!
  • Our shop also has something for true lovers of tradition – large, stylish Pozo de Agua thermoses. Do not be surprised by the original design of these gadgets. Similar thermoses are popular in Paraguay, where the sight of a native mateist with a bulging water container under his arm or slung over his shoulder is something quite ordinary. What sets this gadget apart from others available in our shop is the high quality of manufacture. Each Pozo de Agua thermos is hand-stitched by Paraguayan craftsmen, upholstered in a leather-like material and decorated with an original pattern. The accessory is very capacious (approximately 2.5L) and comes with a convenient pump, a holder for the bombilla and mate gourd (a vessel itself is also included) and a strap for easy transportation.

Yerbomos – the practical solution

Finally, the real icing on the cake – an accessory that combines the functionality of all the gadgets necessary for the comfortable preparation and drinking of yerba mate: Yerbomos! As well as combining the function of a mate gourd, bombilla and thermos at the same time, its greatest advantage is its ease of use. All you have to do is pour the water into the large container, pour the dry mate into the smaller container, close the cap with the tube and you're done! The innovative design means that, by pulling the brew through the bombilla, the container with the dryness is automatically filled with fresh water and yerba mate brews on the fly. Yerbomos have quickly become popular with mate drinkers. Which one to choose? Several versions have passed through our shop and, after many tests, we can in good conscience recommend the latest edition, the Yerbomos 5.0 – it is leak-proof, convenient and looks great. The black Yerbomos 5.0 is our absolute bestseller! It holds 650 ml of brew, fits in the car holder and works flawlessly. Highly recommended!

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