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Yerba mate tea delivery from Uruguay – new products that you haven’t tried yet!

Yerba mate tea delivery from Uruguay – new products that you haven’t tried yet!

This time plenty of new Uruguayan products arrived at our shop! Among them, you may find some niche mate teas that have been barely accessible in Europe to this day. Interested? Today you can already buy Uruguayan mate tea at the best prices. Check it out!

Herbal mate tea – check Uruguayan version!

We know that many Clients of our shop are fans of herbal mate tea blends. If you are one of them, you will be happy - now in our offer, you can find some products that can be fascinating for you! It’s especially about mate tea La Selva - three products with an outstanding composition. La Selva para Hepaticos contains butcher’s broom thanks to which it has hepatoprotective properties and supports liver function. La Selva Colestel, in turn, contains alfalfa, artichoke, and mint - ingredients that may cause a decrease in bad cholesterol levels. La Selva para Nerviosos contains tilia and passiflora that make the blend delicately sweet. This yerba mate tea is to energize you but at the same time - soothe your nerves.

Canarias – not only Tradicion!

Canarias is usually associated with its flagship product - traditional mate tea in a characteristic yellow packet - Tradicion Especial. This time we encourage you to try other products of this brand. If you need strong stimulation and refreshment, check Te Verde y Jengibre - a blend of yerba mate, green tea, and ginger. Canarias Serena will soothe your nerves and help to relax. However, definitely, the most interesting product is Te Rojo y Centellas that combines vegetal flavours of mate tea and malty flavour of the bread. Such unusual ingredients make trying Canarias products such an incredible experience!

Uruguayan mate teas have arrived at MateMundo shop! Check it out!

Go to Paraguay without leaving your home!

At our shop arrived also products by Contigo, Armiño and Sara. Contigo is represented by two blends - traditional mate tea without additives - Tradicional and herbal con Hierbas. Armiño, in turn, by two products perfect for fans of delicate flavours: Suave and Compuesta - an incredible herbal mate tea blend that not only tastes great but may also positively influence digestive system function.

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Canarias Te Verde y Jengibre 1kg

Canarias Te Verde y Jengibre 1kg

£9.90 incl. VAT/1pc(£9.90 / kg incl. VAT)