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Yerba mate for beginners. What to choose?

Yerba mate for beginners. What to choose?

Experienced mateists, do you remember your beginnings? Did the taste of yerba mate enchant you at the first sip? I bet... not necessarily. So don't be surprised if, when you offer a newcomer a smoky Paraguayan mate tea, he or she gives you a grin and politely puts the vessel down. Yerba mate is a noble brew. It takes time to fully appreciate its characteristic, dry taste and properties. You can also always... take a shortcut and start with milder products. These are the ones most often recommended to beginners. Discover the best yerba mate to start with!


  1. How to get started with yerba mate?
  2. Mild and juicy – yerba mate green
  3. A way to temper the bitterness – herbal and fruity yerba mate
  4. Yerba mate suave, a milder version of the classic
  5. Which yerba mate to start with? Check out the yerba mate samples!

How to get started with yerba mate?

We started today's blog post with a question for experienced mateists, but in essence we are dedicating it to those who are only at the beginning of their adventure. There are products which, through the way they are processed or the presence of additives, are characterised by a much milder taste and an eliminated bitterness. What are these products? Where to start, how to look for them and which yerba mate to choose to begin with? It is here, in one place, that we have decided to gather all the advice for beginners in the secret art of drinking yerba mate. If you are wondering which yerba mate is best for you, you have come to the perfect place!

Mild and juicy – yerba mate green

There is no denying it, classic yerba mate is bitter, astringent and intense in flavour. The bitterness of Paraguayan and Argentinian yerba mate is due to the traditional production method. Shortly after harvest, the leaves are dried with smoke over a special roaster. However, this is not the only way to prepare the holly. Brazilians use alternative solutions. They came up with the idea of replacing smoke and hearth with hot air. On top of this, they have completely omitted the ageing stage. The result? A consistently high caffeine content, while at the same time the colour of the dried mate is more vivid and the taste of the brew much milder! No wonder that the number of green yerba mate lovers is growing at a very fast pace. Among the products in this category, the Verde Mate Green brand is the most popular, with a portfolio of around 50 original flavour compositions. For beginner yerba mate drinkers, we particularly recommend getting acquainted with the exotic-fruit infused Verde Mate Frutos Tropicales, the strongly strawberry Verde Mate Very Strawberry and the Verde Mate Ananas with large chunks of sweet fruit. These are our favourites when it comes to mild flavours. We are convinced that they will appeal to beginners and will perfectly introduce them to the exuberant world of yerba mate!

The best yerba mate for beginners

A way to temper the bitterness – herbal and fruity yerba mate

The right additives can make a huge difference to the taste of the brew. Herbs, pieces of fruit, oils and natural flavourings are generally used. Paraguayans, wanting to soften the bitter, smoke-dried mate and add a bit of variety to its flavour, throw additives themselves into the calabash – fresh mint leaves, lemon slices, fruit juices. Fortunately, there is also an option for the lazy – ready-made compositions of yerba mate with additives. In the offer of almost every producer, in addition to classic proposals without additives, there are also original flavour variations. In our shop, you will find flavoured yerba mate in two places, in the "Fruity yerba mate" and "Herbal yerba mate" categories. The most reputable of the flavoured yerba mates are the products of the Verde Mate Green brand mentioned in the previous paragraph, as well as Argentina's CBSé, Brazil's Yaguar and Paraguay's Guarani. What are the best flavoured yerba mate for beginners in our opinion? If you are just beginning your yerba mate adventure and are looking for something to start with, pay particular attention to:

  • Yaguar Frutas Dulces, which is Brazilian yerba mate in the Argentinian style. In the long-aged dry mate, accompanied by sticks and a bit of dust, you will also find the power of tasty and aromatic additives: pieces of dried apple, candied papaya cubes and mint, all enhanced by the aromas of mango and peach.
  • Guarani Forest Berries. We have to admit that the Guarani brand is definitely not the first that comes to mind when thinking of the best yerba mate for beginners. As befits the Paraguayan tradition, Guarani products are characterised by a strong bitterness, which a good yerba mate for beginners should have as little as possible. The Forest Berries variation, however, is a big surprise. The addition of berries – sour goji berries and sweet cranberries – transforms the dry bitterness and astringency of the Paraguayan holly into a subtly fruity sweetness. Well worth the temptation!
  • CBSé Frutos del Valle is an offering from the Argentinian master of yerba-mate-fruit combinations. All CBSé products are renowned for their perfect balance of sweet, fruity accents that perfectly offset the bitterness of the brew. In the case of the Frutos del Valle variation, we are dealing with a harmonious trio of yerba mate, apple and pear. We are sure that this flavour will find many supporters!

Yerba mate suave, a milder version of the classic

Do you prefer to remain with the classic taste, without additives that overshadow the natural qualities of yerba mate? What would be a good classic mate tea for beginners? A softened version of mate – yerba mate suave – may be a good option for beginners. The term suave from Spanish means “mild”. Yerba mate with such an indication on the packaging is characterised by a particularly mild taste. This is the result of a slightly different processing technology of the dried product and a long ageing period. In addition to the leaves, a packet of this type of mate also contains a large number of twigs, which do not have any stimulating or flavour-enhancing properties – they are the "filler" that softens the intensity of the holly. The most popular product in this category is undoubtedly that of the Argentine yerba mate legend, Rosamonte Suave. It will be appreciated by both beginners and more advanced infusion enthusiasts.

Which yerba mate to start with? Check out the yerba mate samples!

This time, it's not about the taste alone. You already know which yerba mate is best for you to start with – milder tasting, specially prepared suave or yerba mate with additives. But the choice is huge, so how do you know which specific product you will like? Samples in 50-gram packs are the ideal way to discover the different flavours! They are offered by a wide variety of brands. We think that newcomers should get acquainted with them, mainly because they are practical and inexpensive. Not sure what to choose? Order a set of several samples and get to know the wealth of yerba mate varieties without having to make a really big purchase. What do we recommend? Sample packs worth considering at the beginning of your yerba mate adventure are:

Ready for your first encounter with yerba mate? We hope our tips will help you choose the best mate tea for you. Enjoy!

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Pajarito Elaborada Con Palo Tradicional 0,25kg

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