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7 reasons to start drinking yerba mate

7 reasons to start drinking yerba mate

Yerba mate – have you ever heard those two words and wondered what it is? Your friends are drinking some strange herb and you wonder why you should start drinking yerba mate at all? What are the benefits of drinking mate? Is it worth including it in your diet? We have 7 reasons to start drinking yerba mate – let's see if we can convince you!


  1. What is yerba mate?
  2. What are the benefits of yerba mate? 7 reasons to drink it
  3. Where do you start your yerba mate adventure?

What is yerba mate?

Let's start with what yerba mate is in general. It is an infusion made from the dried and ground leaves of Ilex paraguariensis, a plant that is only found in South America, on the borders of four countries: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. The properties of Ilex paraguariensis discovered by the Guarani Indians living in South America, and they were the first to drink yerba mate. The Indian "tea" became famous above all for its stimulating properties – it contains a large amount of caffeine, which is why many people are increasingly replacing coffee with it. Why else is it worth drinking yerba mate? Read on!

What are the benefits of yerba mate? 7 reasons to drink it

As it turns out, yerba mate is not just a “herbal tea” that you drink to warm up. It carries with it a lot of good. Every sip is a dose of green Indian magic. Is it worth drinking? See for yourself. Yerba mate is...

  1. excellent alternative to coffee
  2. ...a source of vitamins and more
  3. in its purest form
  4. ...a unique flavour
  5. ...the magic and tradition of the Guarani Indians
  6. ...a "gift from the gods"
  7. +10 to prestige!
Yerba mate – why you should drink it?

Reason #1: Yerba mate is an excellent alternative to coffee

The most famous beverage that contains caffeine is coffee. Many people cannot even imagine a day without having a cup of black coffee in the morning. The caffeine it contains stimulates the body, gives a boost of energy, improves concentration and removes the feeling of fatigue. The problem is that coffee stimulates quickly and strongly, but only for a short time. A cup of coffee puts you on your feet almost immediately, but this surge of energy passes just as quickly. A sudden "energy breakdown" after coffee is not pleasant. Yerba mate also contains caffeine – slightly less than coffee, but the effect is significantly different. What are the benefits of yerba mate? It stimulates, but does so in a more balanced way than coffee. It is drunk slowly, often pouring one serving several times, so inevitably the caffeine is delivered to the body more slowly. In addition to caffeine, yerba mate contains theobromine and theophylline, which have a mild effect on the nervous system and improve blood flow to the brain.

Reason #2: Yerba mate is a source of vitamins and more

Yerba mate does not only contain stimulating caffeine. It contains a number of vitamins, minerals and other substances that have a salutary effect on the body. Amongst others, there are vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, C and E, the minerals: zinc, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, silicon and magnesium, as well as saponins and antioxidants, including the particularly prized chlorogenic acid. Yerba mate is a real "vitamin bomb"! And what are the benefits of drinking yerba mate? Read on!

Reason #3: Yerba mate is health in its purest form

Yerba mate has such a rich composition, so it must also have some action. We have already mentioned the stimulating effect, but what else does yerba mate do and is it actually worth drinking? The infusion of yerba mate can support the process of stimulating the metabolism, which translates into an increase in energy reserves and improved performance, and as a result, allows you to be physically active for longer. It is not without reason that yerba mate is particularly popular with athletes and people who lead active lifestyles. What else does yerba mate do? Studies have shown that, when consumed regularly, yerba mate has a positive effect on supporting the cardiovascular system – this is due to the chlorogenic acid it contains, which helps to fight "bad cholesterol". Chlorogenic acid has also been linked to increasing the body's sensitivity to insulin and lowering glucose absorption, which in turn translates into better sugar management in the body. It is said that yerba mate can help with weight loss. Although it is not a miracle cure for obesity, it does help to reduce feelings of appetite and supports metabolic processes, which is important in the fight for a slim figure.

Reason #4: Yerba mate is a unique flavour

Some people claim that yerba mate is awful. Indeed, when trying mate for the first time, its taste can seem bitter and astringent, perhaps even too intense. Especially if you are used to the taste of coffee, with milk and sweetened with a ton of sugar, it can be almost impossible to get used to pure yerba mate without additives. You need to have the right attitude to yerba mate, it is nature in its pure form. A properly prepared infusion tastes a bit like a more intense green tea. To begin with, you can make a weaker infusion by pouring a smaller portion of dried tea. You can also add herbs or fruit to soften the taste. It is also no sin to sweeten yerba mate with honey or other natural sweeteners – whatever you like. Once you are convinced of its taste, you will find that it is unique and inimitable. But it is not the most important thing here. What is important is what gives yerba mate – its full natural richness.

Reason #5: Yerba mate is the magic and tradition of the Guarani Indians

In the correct preparation of the infusion lies all the magic. Yerba mate is not drunk like ordinary tea. The cup is replaced by a special container called a calabash or mate gourd. The infusion is drunk through a special metal "straw" – a bombilla. The dry product in the container must be properly arranged. The temperature of the water is also important – it cannot be too hot or too cold (around 70-80°C). All the activities related to brewing and drinking yerba mate create a certain ritual which lends an aura of mystery. It pays homage to the tradition of the first discoverers of the miraculous yerba, the Guarani Indians.

Reason #6: Yerba mate is a "gift from the gods"

The Guarani Indians believed that yerba mate was given to them in gratitude by the ancient gods. They surrounded the plant with a unique cult, and legends arose from their beliefs, which they passed down from generation to generation. According to some, yerba mate was a gift from the Indian god Pa'i Shume, while other versions of the legend featured the figures of two goddesses, Yarí and Arai, who came down to earth in the form of little girls. These stories contribute even more strongly to the mystical and mysterious atmosphere of yerba mate, which originates from far South America.

Reason #7: Yerba mate is +10 to prestige!

The final reason to start drinking yerba mate is simple. What does mate tea give to you? A bonus to originality and prestige! Coffee is drunk by (almost) everyone. The sight of a man with a cup of coffee is not unusual. However, a mate gourd with a bombilla in it definitely draws attention. You can be sure that if you make yerba mate and drink it from a distinctive container through a "strange" looking tube in front of friends or colleagues, you will quickly become an object of interest and it will be fun to talk about this wonderful plant from South America.

Where do you start your yerba mate adventure?

7 reasons are enough to convince you to drink yerba mate. If you've never tried it, you're probably wondering where to start. The choice of flavours and types of yerba mate is so vast that the multitude of names and colourful packaging can make your head hurt. So we are here to help. For beginners, we particularly strongly recommend the mild green yerba mate from Brazil, Verde Mate Green. The hot air-dried Ilex paraguariensis leaves are almost completely devoid of their characteristic bitterness, and on top of that, they combine perfectly with additives. There is a reason why the brand's range includes around 50 amazing flavour variants. And don't forget to buy the right accessories – mate gourd and bombilla. We also recommend taking a look at the tab with ready-made yerba mate starter kits for beginners. Ready for an adventure? Let's get started!

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