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A unique gift: yerba mate brewing set

A unique gift: yerba mate brewing set

Among fans of our shop, readers of our blog and yerba mate lovers, is there anyone who doesn't like gifts? We don't think so! We love surprises, but we love giving gifts to loved ones even more. Is yerba mate a good gift idea? Which products to choose, solo or as a set? Here are some suggestions!


  1. The best gifts are those without an occasion...
  2. Yerba mate kit for beginners. What should it contain?
  3. A yerba mate set – where to buy?

The best gifts are those without an occasion...

...but any occasion is a good time to make a gift to a loved one. We buy gifts for people close to our hearts, for whom we have an emotional attachment or for whom we want to win their affection. A mother, grandmother, brother, aunt, college friend, favourite teacher, employee or contractor. There are many occasions – birthdays, various holidays, thanksgiving or gifts for no occasion. And what to give? Yerba mate, of course!

Why is a yerba mate drinking set a good gift idea?

As you know, yerba mate is a healthier alternative to coffee and energy drinks. It contains a large dose of caffeine, making it a great stimulant. In addition, it is a source of many vitamins and minerals. Its chemical composition includes, among others: C and B vitamins and minerals – aluminium, chromium, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, potassium and zinc. It also contains antioxidants, which play a very important role in slowing down ageing. This inconspicuous, muddled drink made from the green leaves of Ilex paraguariensis is a dose of health that is worth introducing into your daily diet. And we care about the health of those closest to us, which is why yerba mate is the perfect gift idea for them!

Looking for an interesting gift idea? A yerba mate brewing set – that's it!

Regardless of whether the recipient is just starting out with mate tea or is already wise to the world of mate – yerba mate gifted from the heart tastes better! Surely every yerba mate lover will be pleased with a packet of their favourite yerba. In order to drink it, a special mate cup and bombilla is still needed. The yerba mate gift set is a versatile gift idea for any situation! You can compose it yourself. If you know what the person you are going to make a gift to likes, you can choose their favourite mate and add accessories to it. The best option is to choose ready-made yerba mate sets – complete with calabash, bombilla and other accessories. This is more cost-effective than selecting each item in the kit separately.

Yerba mate gift sets

Yerba mate kit for beginners. What should it contain?

Buying solo yerba mate or a complete yerba mate set for someone who knows it and drinks it regularly is not a big challenge. It is enough to ask the person what they like or discreetly find out what their preferences are. It is much more difficult to choose a gift for someone who has not yet had any contact with mate tea. The questions are: What product to choose? Will they be put off by the characteristic taste and strength of the mate? Will they like the taste of yerba mate and not leave it somewhere in the corner after the first brewing? We will try to suggest which yerba mate set to choose to start with.

Yerba mate green. Perfect for the beginning

This classic yerba mate, dried using the traditional method with fire and smoke, is very intense in flavour and aroma. It has a distinctive bitterness and smoky notes from the hearth, and each sip of the drink leaves a tart aftertaste and a "pulling" sensation on the tongue, in addition to providing a powerful dose of energy that may seem too strong to begin with. Such type of mate tea is mainly drunk in Paraguay. A slightly milder mate comes from Argentina, but it also has a slight bitterness and smoky notes. In opposition to the traditional methods of producing yerba mate, Brazil invented a way of processing the holly, which makes the infusion made from its leaves much milder in taste, more vegetal, without bitterness or smoky accents. The Brazilian method of producing yerba mate involves drying the leaves of Ilex paraguariensis with warm air. When dried in this way, yerba mate is not aged, so it retains all its qualities, as well as its luscious green colour. It has a fresh aroma that is reminiscent of cut grass. This variety of mate is called yerba mate green.

Verde Mate Green – mild yerba mate for beginner mate lovers

Among green yerba mate, we particularly recommend the bestselling products of the Brazilian brand Verde Mate Green. The coarse-cut, succulent green dry leaves are characterised by their delicate flavour and mild, fresh aroma. It combines perfectly with additives in the form of dried fruit, herbs and natural flavours, which is why Verde Mate Green products are available in many flavours. For starters, we particularly recommend the fruity Frutos Tropicales and Cactus de Juarez compositions, which can also be purchased in sets with the accessories necessary for making and drinking yerba mate.

A yerba mate set – where to buy?

If we've convinced you that yerba mate is a great gift idea, whatever the occasion, you're probably wondering where to buy a yerba mate set? At the shop, of course! In addition to a huge selection of single packs of yerba mate of various brands and flavour variants, our shop also offers plenty of yerba mate sets with accessories – calabashes, bombillas, thermoses and other paraphernalia that are essential for conveniently brewing and drinking yerba mate. There's plenty to choose from! All these products have been collected in the "Sets" category, which has been divided into subcategories: starter kits, sets for couples and gift sets – packaged in special gift boxes. You are sure to find the right gift in our yerba mate shop. Welcome!

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