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Argentine air-dried yerba mate with mint – Kraus Silvestre – review

Argentine air-dried yerba mate with mint – Kraus Silvestre – review

Kraus Organica is one of the most innovative yerba mate brands in Argentina. Its production is based on ecology - products are smoke-free and intensively green. What is worth appreciating the most is the highest quality of these products. Do you want to find out more about Kraus Organica products? Keep reading!

Kraus Silvestre, just like other yerba mate products made by this brand, is smoke-free. Kraus is usually associated with its flag product, which is organically certified yerba mate Kraus Organica. When it comes to Kraus Pioniero, there is no information about any organic certificates or awards on the packet. However, it turns out that the whole plantation is organic and sustainable! Such information is, of course, placed on the packet - the manufacturer informs that no pesticides or other chemicals were used in the production process. What is more, the authorities of the Kraus brand take care of the environment. They plant new trees and react against soil depletion. Kraus comes from Misiones, Santo Domingo Savio.

The packet of this product is similar to the whole series of Kraus products. There is a well-known logo with a grasshopper. When opening a packet, the smell of mint can be felt. What is important, it dominates the aroma of yerba mate - it’s very delicate, some people don’t feel it at all. This yerba mate consists of finely ground leaves and twigs. When it comes to the amount of dust, there is a bit more of it than in typical Argentine products. The aroma after water refill is subtle, delicately minty, yerba mate is barely discernible.

Kraus Silvestre is a great yerba mate product with the addition of mint.

Let’s focus more on the taste of Kraus Silvestre. The first water refill may be quite surprising - it resembles gingerbread. There are also delicately vegetal flavors that bring flowers to your mind. This minty flavour changes with every water refill, which guarantees amazing experience every time you drink it.

Besides yerba mate, the product contains 5% of mint (three kinds: poleo, peppermint, and the third which was described as ‘mint’), lemon verbena, aromas. Lemon verbena is hardly felt when drinking. However, it brings refreshment - the citrusy feeling is not as strong as mint, though.

Kraus Silvestre is a product perfect for everyone who enjoys herbal infusions. You won’t find the intense bitterness or smoky aroma in it. It’s one of the most delicate yerba mate teas on the market, yet we have to admit, that the quality, in this case, is really high. If you are looking for a product with an organic certificate, try yerba mate Kraus and you will not regret this!


Kraus Pure Leaf 0,5kg (organic)

Kraus Pure Leaf 0,5kg (organic)

£6.40 incl. VAT/1pc(£12.80 / kg incl. VAT)
2x Kraus Organica 0,5kg

2x Kraus Organica 0,5kg

£10.00 incl. VAT/1pc(£10.00 / kg incl. VAT)