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Argentine yerba mate Nobleza Gaucha Elaborada – review

Argentine yerba mate Nobleza Gaucha Elaborada – review

Argentine yerba mate Nobleza Gaucha has been available on the market for many years. If you can not decide if it is worth trying it, this review may turn out useful. Let’s start!

Nobleza Gaucha Molienda Elaborada packet has delicately changed its artwork. The change included adding information that the paper is recyclable thanks to forgoing the plastic layers. Yerba mate Nobleza Gaucha Molienda Elaborada has a very delicate smell that can be felt right after opening the packet. The aroma is vegetal, free of smoke, characteristic of yerba mate. After filling mate gourd with water nothing changes - the aromas are classic and easily felt. This product contains a medium amount of twigs - it may look like there are fewer of them than in other Argentine yerba mate teas. The amount of dust is medium as well. Yerba mate leaves are rather finely cut.

When it comes to the taste, Nobleza Gaucha bubbles after pouring with water but it does not gain too much bitterness. This product may be recommended to beginners but, what is important, only to pour it with water at 70 grades or less. It will be perfect and appreciated by those who enjoy traditional yerba mate taste without any additions. It may turn out tasty also for those who are looking for less bitterness than e.g. Paraguayan yerba mate provides. Its taste is mild, delicately tangy, and bitter. After the first water refill, you may feel a weird aftertaste - it is hard to describe and identify it - such as the vegetal taste becomes stronger.

Nobleza Gaucha Molienda is one of the most popular Argentine yerba mate teas.

Additional information:

The manufacturer of Nobleza Gaucha is one of the biggest food producers in the region - Molinos Río de la Plata. The company was set up in 1902 and the production of Nobleza Gaucha started in 1940. It is also a producer known for the production of yerba mate Cruz de Malta - another great manufacturer.