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Argentine yerba mate tea CBSe Pomelo – review

Argentine yerba mate tea CBSe Pomelo – review

CBSe Pomelo is yerba mate from Argentina containing finely ground leaves, much dust, and twigs. Many people claim that they are not fans of the brand but this particular product usually tastes good enough to them.

The first impression!

Before we focus on the content, let’s talk about the packet. A couple of years ago the brand changed the packets a bit - they refreshed the graphics but it remained simple. The packet is made of paper, probably enforced with foil. CBSe Pomelo looks quite good and encouraging.

On the packet, you can also find the information about the certificate ISO 9001, the proposition of serving, information about gluten and aromas content (probably it’s a natural-identical flavour but one of the distributors claims that it’s a natural one). The manufacturer informs us also about other available tastes. The institution responsible for the brand is Santa Ana. Under this information, there is also the designation of the food safety agency (also from Santa Fe) that offers consulting service, support in the production chain, food safety promotions, etc.

Yerba mate tea CBSe Pomelo is Argentine product well-known in the whole world.

When you open it...

The smell of yerba mate is rather sweet and fruity. Pomelo in Spanish means grapefruit but the aroma suggests something different. Nevertheless, everyone probably feels different flavours in it. It is very common when it comes to flavoured yerba mate teas.

What is interesting, after pouring mate tea into the mate gourd, the smell becomes stronger and more pleasant. The product is rather finely ground yet there are some bigger leaves and much dust. Some people can say that the taste sensations may be a bit disappointing. Why? The first few water refills are light, the bitterness can be easily felt but the taste is not so deep. Sometimes you can have the impression that the flavour is too ‘flat’ - you feel it and then it disappears. If you have tried this product in the previous version, you will probably notice the difference in taste. The reason is that the ingredients were probably changed.

This product has its upsides as well as downsides. It’s hard to say if it’s proper for the beginners. If you use a little amount of the product, you may like it. If you don’t like the bitterness, it’s not that obvious, though. Majority of you knows the CBSe brand and you already have your own opinions about it. However, the offer is very wide, so it’s worth checking these products out just to try something new. When it comes to CBSe Pomelo, it’s very good in a cold version. You may prepare it with ice and cold water or juice.


CBSe  Hierbas Cuyanas 0.5 kg

CBSe Hierbas Cuyanas 0.5 kg

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CBSe Pomelo 0.5kg

CBSe Pomelo 0.5kg

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CBSe Silueta 0,5kg

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