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Boldo – South American herb for weight loss

Boldo – South American herb for weight loss

Boldo is a South American plant that has been used for thousands of years by the natives for its healing properties. Boldo is often used as an ingredient of yerba mate - it provides great refreshment and completes the taste of infusions. We encourage you to read today’s article - you can learn more about boldo and our products that contain this herb!

Boldo – what is it?

Boldo is also known by the Latin name Peumus boldus. It’s a relatively small tree native for South American countries. Its leaves look and smell a bit like bay leaves. They have already been used thousands of years ago by the Incan people who used them as spices and medicines. Despite the passage of years, boldo is still an important element of South American culture. Scientific research has shown that the chemical composition of boldo includes boldine - the substance that is responsible for the regulation of bile production. This results in an improvement of the liver and gall bladder function. Boldo has a beneficial effect on other functions of the digestive tract - it regulates the secretion of digestive juices and relieves constipation, thanks to which the products that contain this herb may be useful during the weight loss process. Boldo can also be used as an antifungal or calming preparation and its subtle, herbal aroma provides pleasant sensations during drinking yerba mate infusions.

boldo yerba mate boldo with yerba mate tea guarani boldo boldo menta
Boldo in our products – try it!

For a broad spectrum of its properties, boldo is often used as an ingredient of yerba mate. This kind of blends you may find also in our offer. One of them is Guarani Boldo - a blend with an intense, bitter taste combined with boldo oil. If you like even more intense flavours, you can try very popular in South America combination of yerba mate with boldo and mint. Our online shop offers a wide range of this type of products. Pay attention to the products such as Guarani Menta Boldo or Yaguar Boldo Menta. Both of them are the highest quality yerba mate blends providing solid stimulation and pleasant sensations. Guarani product is a strong Paraguayan yerba mate with an intense taste and relatively strong smoky aroma. Yaguar Boldo Menta, despite the fact that its taste is slightly more delicate, guarantees strong and long-lasting stimulation. If you’re looking for a product that will support the weight loss process and that you can use as an addition to your diet, check the new product in our online shop - Te Guarani. Besides boldo, it also contains senes - a herb with laxative properties. It’s a product that every fan of herbal taste will enjoy. All the products mentioned in the article are linked below. Check it!