Chimafácil. Yerba mate without dregs and clogged bombilla!

Chimafácil. Yerba mate without dregs and clogged bombilla!

It’s not always easy to prepare an infusion from a finely cut yerba mate. Some bombillas get clogged easily, others get the dregs pass through the filter. Fortunately, there is a solution! Chimafácil, a special separator straight from Brazilian manufacturer, has just been added to our store's offer!

What is Chimafácil?

Chimafácil separator resembles a spatula shaped to fit the inside of the vessel. The two models of accessories available in our store differ in dimensions. Be sure to check which one suits your gourd better. Throughout its entire surface, the separator has small holes allowing free water flow. The accessory divides the vessel into two halves. One is for mate tea, the other is for brew. Chimafácil separates them from each other without inhibiting the brewing process. In this way, half of the cup keeps the holly, and the other half is filled with a clear and not "silted" infusion. In the following illustrated instruction, we describe it step by step:

  1. Place the Chimafácil separator inside the cup so as to divide the space into two halves.

  2. Chimafacil yerba mate separator  - blog MateMundo.co.uk

  3. Pour the dried yerba mate into one of the halves that have just been created.

  4. Chimafacil yerba mate separator  - blog MateMundo.co.uk

  5. Pour water over the empty half, wait for it to brew and place the bombilla inside.

  6. Chimafacil yerba mate separator  - blog MateMundo.co.uk

Now you can drink your aromatic yerba mate without dregs! Optionally, you can carefully remove the separator, taking care not to disturb the structure of the herbs. We recommend this solution primarily when brewing chimarrao type yerba mate as it becomes so "lumpy" that removing the separator should not disturb its structure.

Chimafácil. Not only for chimarrao!

The very name of the accessory suggests that Chimafácil is suitable mainly for lush green and dusty mate tea like chimarrao. Obviously it’s the one that’s very difficult to brew. Chimafácil, however, turns out to work perfectly well with other varieties of yerba mate. For the needs of the photos shown in the instructions, we have prepared an infusion based on the Paraguayan Guarani yerba. In terms of character, it is a rather typical mate. Considering that Chimafácil handled it perfectly, we have no doubt that the accessory will also be perfect with other types of mate.

Regardless of which types of mate are your favourites, it's really worth getting a Chimafácil! We offer an accessory imported from distant Brazil as a few in Europe, and looking through the prism of its undoubted advantages, the price is really attractive. If you are interested, please visit the product pages in our online store and we advise you not to delay. We have both Chimafácil models in a strictly limited edition!

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