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Guarani Energia Caffeine+. Try the most stimulating mate tea from Paraguay!

Guarani Energia Caffeine+. Try the most stimulating mate tea from Paraguay!

When choosing yerba mate tea, most of you pay special attention to its caffeine content. As you probably know, products with addition of guarana are considered the most stimulating mate teas on the market. There are several brands offering this type of mate, but only one of them definitely stands out. We’re talking Guarani Energia Caffeine+. You' just've got to try it!

Looking for the most stimulating yerba mate tea? Try Guarani Energia Caffeine+!

Guarani is a brand that needs no further introduction. Produced by Paraguayan company EBSA also responsible for famous Selecta brand, Guarani was created especially for the European market. The most popular variation is definitely Guarani Energia Guarana. Today we’re introducing its new and improved version, Guarani Energia Caffeine Plus. Without a doubt, it is the most stimulating Paraguayan yerba mate we’ve ever tried! And it tastes really great. A sweet, slightly "candy" aroma and a slight sourness of guarana combine perfectly with the noble bitterness of mate tea.

yerba mate guarani energia caffeine plus

Guarani Energia Caffeine+ – the strongest mate tea with 5% guarana extract!

Why is Guarani Energia Caffeine+ the most stimulating yerba mate tea? It is determined not only by the potential of mate leaves, but also by the additional ingredientes present in the mix. In case of Caffeine+, it’s guarana fruit extract, which makes up 5% of the entire blend! It means that for each package of 500 g, there are 25 grams of the extract! Perhaps the numbers themselves do not tell you much, so to better illustrate the situation, let's use a comparison: according to the information from Santa Ana company, their flagship CBSé Energia only contains… 0.22% guarana extract! . So Guarani Energia Caffeine+ has almost 25 times more of it!!! . Among yerba mate with guarana, there are also those in which the extract is replaced by powdered fruit. This one, however, generally has a lower caffeine content. The real power lies in the extract. In combination with the high-quality smoked yerba mate, we get a genuine power source! We have no doubts that Guarani Energia Caffeine+ is the strongest yerba mate from Paraguay. At the same time, it’s worth repeating that almost any substance in too high doses can harm us. To enjoy the effect of long-term stimulation without unpleasant side effects, please be responsible. The recommended daily dose of Guarani Energia Caffeine + is 20 grams a day! Remember not to exceed it!


Yerbera – Tin can + Guarani Energia Caffeine +  0.5kg

Yerbera – Tin can + Guarani Energia Caffeine + 0.5kg

£11.98 incl. VAT/1item(£23.96 / kg incl. VAT)
Guarani Energia  Caffeine + 50g

Guarani Energia Caffeine + 50g

£1.99 incl. VAT/1item(£39.80 / kg incl. VAT)
Guarani Energia Caffeine + 0,5kg

Guarani Energia Caffeine + 0,5kg

£5.20 incl. VAT/1item(£10.40 / kg incl. VAT)