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New year’s resolutions: slimming with yerba mate


The year 2020 hasn’t been easy but it’s finally coming to an end. After this hard time, it is worth determining the goals that you want to reach the next year. One of the most common resolutions is losing weight and beginning a healthy lifestyle. Yerba mate may be very helpful so if you want to do these things as well, find out more!

Yerba mate and slimming – how does it work?

Yerba mate is rich in natural caffeine that is responsible for energizing properties thanks to which it was appreciated in the whole world. As it is a great stimulant, it can be a healthy alternative to energy drinks and used before training or exercises. It turns out, that this substance can also play the role of an active substance and its task is to boost metabolism. Ilex paraguariensis has many more advantages, though. After drinking it, you feel satiety that helps you not to snack between meals. It’s a great option for those who have such a tendency. It’s worth taking into consideration that it is an uncontrollable snacking that is the reason for putting on. What is more, yerba mate may also have a diuretic effect - frequent urination helps the organism get rid of toxins.

Yerba mate for slimming – which ingredients are worth looking for?

Many manufacturers launched in their offers products inspired by people wishing to lose weight as well as those who need to support their digestive systems. Many brands decided to come up with ‘silueta’ products. They are to boost metabolism and support digestive tracks. If this is exactly what you need when drinking mate tea infusions, look for ingredients that have a positive effect on your organism. For example, mint - this plant is well-known to everybody. It makes the infusion very refreshing and soothes indigestion as well as other problems. Besides mint, it is worth taking into consideration plants such as fennel, cistus, and boldo. Blends with herbs not only positively influence your metabolism and mood but also taste great. Find it out and make sure that your New Year’s resolutions won’t be given up in January!


Pajarito Elaborada Con Palo Tradicional 0,25kg

Pajarito Elaborada Con Palo Tradicional 0,25kg

£2.90 incl. VAT/1pc(£11.60 / kg incl. VAT)
Taragui Energia 500g Special offer

Taragui Energia 500g

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Guarani Energia con Guarana 0,5kg

Guarani Energia con Guarana 0,5kg

£4.90 incl. VAT/1pc(£9.80 / kg incl. VAT)
 Yerba Verde Mate Green Frutos Tropicales 0,5kg

Yerba Verde Mate Green Frutos Tropicales 0,5kg

£5.90 incl. VAT/1pc(£11.80 / kg incl. VAT)