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Palo Santo Pampeano available again!

Palo Santo Pampeano available again!

We have great news for every yerba mate fan: after a long break Palo Santo Pampeano is again available at our online shop! It's a real treat for those who want to expand their collections with a new gourd. In this article we introduce the benefits of Palo Santo Pampeano and we explain its role in drinking yerba mate to the ones who have only started their adventure with yerba mate.

What is Palo Santo?

The term ‘palo santo’ comes from Spanish and translates to ‘the saint tree’ or ‘the saint wood’. This name is used to describe a tree that grows naturally in some parts of South America, known for its aromatic resin. According to the tradition of the tribes and local population that have been living in there for years, resin and smoke produced from burning palo santo wood is still widely used in folk medicine. Sometimes also yerba mate gourds are made of this kind of wood. After pouring warm water into the vessel with mate tea, the wood gives its natural aroma to the infusion. Thanks to that, mate tea gain extra flavour and becomes even more energising.

Palo Santo Pampeano again available in our online shop!

Pampeano is an elegant and functional vessel for mate tea that you can, after the long break, buy in our online shop. It is a type of mate gourd that is rarely seen in Europe. It’s a unique type of gourd — its upper edge has a pitted rim. Water should be poured through the rim — it runs down the walls of the vessel, thanks to which it warms the wood. It releases the aroma of the saint wood what enriches the flavour of yerba mate tea.

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Palo Santo Pampeano will surely broaden your horizons in connection with yerba mate. Thanks to the special construction, some part of yerba mate stays dry even after pouring it with water what makes the product more efficient. Although the inside of palo santo is wooden, outside it was covered with high-quality metal which increases its mechanical resistance. The capacity of the gourd is 120 ml. We encourage you to buy this product and enjoy mate tea in a bit different version!


Matero Palo Santo – Pampeano

Matero Palo Santo – Pampeano

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