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Paraguayan yerba mate Pajarito Suave (Soft) – review

Paraguayan yerba mate Pajarito Suave (Soft) – review

Pajarito Suave, also known as Soft, is a product of Paraguayan brand Pajarito that became famous thanks to Pajarito Premium Despalada. Surprised with Paraguayan product in suave version? Let’s check and hope that it’s tasty!

First impression!

Let’s take a glance at the packaging as this element is different from other products of this brand. Just like Premium Despalada the information on it is bilingual. The packaging itself is made of paper with some laminate and reminds of Argentine products.

The packet is pretty - there is a characteristic bird on it. Many fans of the brand call its products simply “the bird”. According to the information on the packet, the seasoning lasts for a long time thanks to what mate tea gains a unique, deep taste. You can prepare it as terere or a warm infusion. There is also information about the type of cut. Molienda Gruesa type is known as suave whereas Coarse Grinding is soft. Another important thing is the caffeine content. The difference is only 6 mg with 247 mg in suave and 253 ml in despalada. This information is not totally reliable and there are many factors, such as the weather and the temperature, that can influence the caffeine content in mate tea.

Pajarito Suave is a delicate version of Pajarito Despalada

When you drink it...

After you smell it for the first time, it can remind you of Selecta products. Its aroma is strongly vegetal, delicately smoky. It’s rather mild but may be easily felt.

Yerba mate Pajarito Suave is light green, it looks pretty. There are many big leaves, some medium-cut, and some ground. There isn’t much dust, though. The aroma after pouring it with water is pleasant, becomes delicately sweet, which is quite surprising. Suave is the best definition of the first impression. After a few refills, you can feel a bit of bitterness.

What is interesting, you can easily feel the tendency to create a product in the Argentine style. Many brands that are well-known thanks to their strong and traditional products, decided to create also suave versions.

What we like is the fact that this mate tea may be enjoyed by many people as it is so different from traditional Pajarito. If you aren’t keen on smoke and bitterness, suave by Pajarito is totally different. It’s the best option to drink every day! However, if you crave strong flavours, you’d better choose a different product.

Pajarito Suave can be compared to a strong tea - after drinking it, you feel delicate bitterness on your tongue. It isn’t for long, though. If you’re a fan of typical Paraguayan mate teas, drinking Pajarito Suave would be a surprising experience for you. It’s so far from typical Paraguayan style but the world of yerba mate is very diverse and, because of that, so rich and interesting.


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