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Soul Mate Teabags – best yerba mate in teabags!

Soul Mate Teabags – best yerba mate in teabags!

Many people regret that because of the form of yerba mate, it is hard to relish this beverage outside the house. It turns out that you don’t have to prepare mate tea in a gourd and drink it through a bombilla to enjoy it. In such situations, it is worth reaching for yerba mate in teabags. What advantages does this solution have? Let us introduce Soul Mate Teabags!

Yerba mate in teabags – a comfortable way for quick stimulation!

The idea of yerba mate in teabags has probably been created on the basis of mate cocido. It is a way of preparing yerba mate that includes boiling yerba mate in a pot and straining it. Thanks to this it was possible to serve a clear infusion that was convenient to drink. Jesuits take credit for creating this idea as during the Conquest they were actively looking for a good way to make yerba mate popular in Europe. Mate tea in teabags is a comfortable way to enjoy favourite beverage in every condition. An advantage is a fact that you don’t need mate gourd or bombilla; with mate teabags, you can prepare the infusion even in a regular mug, cup, or a therm flask and take it with you on a trip or to work. Yerba mate in teabags guarantees great taste sensations and quick stimulation.

The best Soul Mate Teabags

Soul Mate Teabags – what do you have to know?

Yerba mate in teabags is included in an offer of brands such as Pajarito and Selecta. When it comes to this kind of products, it is necessary to mention the best one - Soul Mate Teabags! What is important, yerba mate contained in this product is the same as in the traditional product - high-quality yerba mate straight from the organic plantation in Brazil. What differs is a form. It was chopped thanks to what preparing is faster. The way to prepare the infusion is also a bit different from the classic one. With one teabag you can prepare 200 ml of the infusion, which is perfect for a mug. What is interesting, whereas the traditional version of brewing includes using water at about 80 degrees, in this case, you will need boiling water. After 10 minutes the infusion is ready. Is it worth trying Soul Mate Teabags? Of course - if you want to keep your favourite beverage around and enjoy it even if you can’t use your mate gourd and bombilla, yerba mate in teabags is a perfect idea!


Pajarito in Teabags - peach - 20x3g

Pajarito in Teabags - peach - 20x3g

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