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The best yerba mate for fall – our recommendations

The best yerba mate for fall – our recommendations

Fall has started for good – although the sun is still shining, the days become shorter and shorter. We slowly start to wear warmer clothes and more and more often spend evenings under a blanket. If you want to try something new and enjoy yerba mate, check our autumn recommendations. Keep reading!

Flavours perfect for fall!

When the days become shorter and colder, it is good to have a delicious, warming beverage. In our offer, you may find many products perfect for this season. A great proposition is for example Yaguar Naranja Earl Grey. This yerba mate was completed with the aroma of bergamot orange, orange zest and cornflower and marigold petals. Such ingredients guarantee the high content of vitamin C so this blend will support your immune system and protect you against cold during this hard season. If you want to enjoy the delicious flavour of autumn fruit, try Verde Mate Frutos del Bosque with rowan fruit, rosehip, blackberry, currant fruit and raspberries. Such a blend will provide you with dreamy aroma combined with a subtle, sweet flavour. Thanks to this, lazy evenings will be even more enjoyable! People who complain about constant tiredness, which is a very common problem during autumn, should try yerba mate with guarana. We can recommend Verde Mate Energia Guarana or if you prefer stronger and more classic tastes, Yaguar Energia Guarana.

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Autumn premieres of Guarani products!

We have prepared three autumn premieres! They are limited-edition products of Paraguayan brand Guarani: Guarani Verbena, Regulase and Hierbas. Guarani Verbena is a very aromatic and citrusy proposition. The addition of lemon verbena and lime aroma will surely raise your spirits! Guarani Regulase is a herbal yerba mate containing not only ingredients responsible for its taste and aroma but also health-promoting properties. This blend was combined with anise, fennel, sempervivum and boldo thanks to what it has an amazing scent. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and boosts immunity. The last product from this limited edition is Guarani Hierbas – subtle bitterness was completed with a hint of mint, lemon verbena and burrito. Such a combination makes it perfectly regulate digestive processes. If you don’t like this season, try our products and you will see that fall does not have to be grey or sad. Enjoy!