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Thermal Mug 5.0 – a gadget perfect for mate tea available now!

Thermal Mug 5.0 – a gadget perfect for mate tea available now!

At our shop, we’ve welcomed a gadget that combines both functionality and great design - thanks to the special structure Thermal Mug 5.0 makes the temperature last even for 12 hours! Do you want to enjoy yerba mate tea when on travel or at work? This is the best solution!

Thermal Mug 5.0 – innovation and simplicity

The first thing that is worth mentioning is the very elegant design of the gadget - but don’t be misled by this! A simple form holds many surprises! Thermal Mug 5.0 is a mug of 480 ml capacity. It was made of stainless steel and is available in black. Thanks to the simplicity of form it makes an impression of an elegant and universal gadget. The thermal mug is equipped with a LED display on the lid - its task is to show the current temperature of the liquid inside. Thanks to this, there is no need to open the mug to check if the drink is still warm - it could result in temperature loss. It was made of stainless steel without the addition of BPA - the ingredient that could potentially endanger the health.

Another important question is the construction of the accessory. The thermal mug has vacuum insulated double walls. This element is the one that allows the gadget to save the liquid from temperature loss - hot infusions will remain hot even up to 12 hours, cold ones - even for 24 hours! Thermal Mug 5.0 is a gadget that may come in handy all year long!

Thermal Mug 5.0 is the greatest accessory premiere of 2020 - it saves the temperature even for 12 hours.

Thermal Mug for yerba mate tea – check it!

Thermal Mug 5.0 is a multifunctional gadget - you can fill it with tea, coffee, and yerba mate! Thanks to the special construction, you don’t have to be afraid of burning your mouth or leaking. The great design will appeal to everyone, no matter what their favourite drink is! What is more, such a thermos will be just right for a Christmas gift - functional, stylish, and reliable. At you can also buy this gadget with yerba mate set. Visit us and enjoy!