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Verde Mate Green. Brazilian yerba mate that is second to none

Verde Mate Green. Brazilian yerba mate that is second to none

An absolute bestseller among the products available in our shop is Brazilian yerba mate Verde Mate Green. Wondering how and why it was created, what it tastes like and why it is so popular among native mate lovers? We invite you to read today's blog post!


  1. Verde Mate Green – yerba mate straight from the Brazilian jungle
  2. Verde Mate Green history
  3. What's in a packet of Verde Mate?
  4. Yerba mate for beginners... and not only
  5. The richness of flavours from nature

Verde Mate Green – yerba mate straight from the Brazilian jungle

The juicy green colour of the leaves, the pleasant vegetal aroma reminiscent of freshly mown grass, the incredible depth of flavour, dozens of original compositions, the characteristic convenient doypack for easy storage. These are the characteristics that first come to mind when thinking of Verde Mate – the Brazilian yerba mate brand that has won the hearts of European and South American mate drinkers! Verde Mate Green – what is this brand and why has it won such a wide fan base? Let's take a closer look at it.

Verde Mate Green history

Verde Mate is a relatively young brand. It was founded only in 2017 and has already managed to conquer the yerba mate world. All started with a question: what if we could create a softer-tasting mate that would delight experienced mateists with its high quality and, at the same time, not scare off the intense taste of novice mate drinkers? At the time the brand was founded, there were no such products on the market. The bitter taste of the holly infusion put off many yerba mate amateurs, so the creators of Verde Mate set out to make a product that would be accessible to everyone. After a long journey across Brazil and travelling hundreds of kilometres along the roads and wilderness of Brazil's Paraná, a state famous for the largest and best yerba mate plantations, they finally found a suitable partner with similar values: respect for nature and man, care for tradition and the highest quality of the product. A collaboration began, which soon resulted in the creation of an innovative and unconventional yerba mate brand.

Verde Mate Green

What's in a packet of Verde Mate?

Yerba mate green

Brazilians love to drink yerba mate and they do so in many ways. They drink finely ground, luscious green chimarrão in large cuias and chilled, crisp tereré with the addition of ice cubes, herbs and pieces of fruit. What matters is the fresh, vegetal flavour of the holly. In addition to these two most popular Brazilian types of yerba mate, there is mate green, which is a fresh yerba that is light green in colour and almost completely devoid of the bitterness that is characteristic of Ilex paraguariensis. The fresh, vegetal flavour and the retained bright green colour of the leaves is due to the special processing method of the holly, which, unlike the traditional method used in Argentina or Paraguay, is dried using hot air. Shortly after being harvested from the plantation, the leaves are crushed into smaller pieces and dried with hot air – without the use of smoke or fire. They then go straight into the packet. The ageing stage is omitted, thus managing to preserve the fresh green colour and the vegetal, herbal taste and aroma, which is reminiscent of freshly cut grass. While it might seem that the milder-tasting green yerba mate would lack potency – nothing could be further from the truth. Verde Mate has the same stimulating properties as any traditionally produced mate tea. And it even performs a little better in this respect. The dry product is practically devoid of twigs, which are usually regarded as a non-caffeine "filler".

Only natural additives

The brand's range is truly substantial, with around 50 completely different flavour variations. From traditional unadulterated yerba mate, through herbal and fruity compositions, to innovative variations based on special roasted dried leaves. At the production stage, special care is taken to ensure that each flavour composition is perfectly balanced. What sets Verde Mate apart from other, competing brands is that absolutely all the additives that go into the packets – herbs, fruits, dried edible flowers, spices, oils and aromas – are exclusively of natural origin. Nature itself and the highest quality!

Artisanal yerba mate

Verde Mate is produced on an intimate, family-run plantation just west of Curitiba, the capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná. Here, time passes more slowly. Ilex paraguariensis grows in almost semi-wild conditions, following its own growth cycle and without human interference. Unlike large commercial enterprises, no chemicals or artificial pesticides are used to grow the plants here, and human hands are used instead of machines during harvesting. As a result, the initial selection of the leaves takes place as early as the picking stage and, after processing, only those of the best quality make it into the packet.

Yerba mate for beginners... and not only

Verde Mate is receiving a lot of positive feedback among mateists. Due to its mild taste, it is particularly good for the beginning of the adventure with yerba mate. It does not scare people off with its intensity and strong bitterness, and when combined with fruity additives, it delights with original compositions. It is also a good alternative for "old-timers" in the world of mate, who are looking for a departure from smoky, intense infusions, without losing the quality of the product. As a "starter" yerba mate, Verde Mate has another advantage besides its relatively mild taste. The coarse-cut dried leaves practically completely free of dust and sticks filters easily with almost any type of bombilla, so there is no need to worry about buying special accessories when choosing Verde Mate products. And how best to brew it to get the most out of it? To start with, we recommend starting with smaller portions of the dried product – around 15g per 300ml of water – and gradually increasing the portion as you become more familiar with the nature of yerba mate.

The richness of flavours from nature

Verde Mate is a brand that boasts one of the most substantial ranges. Its extensive portfolio currently includes around 50 original flavour variations, and new, surprising offerings are regularly added. Some might say that too much is not enough, but we disagree. Each Verde Mate product is a thoughtful and coherent composition that delights with its multidimensional taste and aroma. There is no shortage of the traditional, additive-free Despalady (also in an organic version for the more discerning mate drinkers), an even more stimulating yerba mate with added guarana or a composition specially prepared for cold drinking. Fruit blends are at the forefront of the Verde Mate family, with the classic combination of holly, lemon and mint, the highly exotic Frutos Tropicales or the seductive Fresa, combining strawberry with rose petals, all deserving special attention. There is also something for fans of herbal compositions in Verde Mate's offer – yerba mate with the addition of Far Eastern sarsaparilla or ashwagandha, a surprisingly fresh combination with guayusa and jasmine, Katuava, stimulating not only the body but also the mind, or the aromatic Deer, with the addition of rosemary and anise. A special place in the Verde Mate range is occupied by "functional" compositions such as Silueta or Fitness, which are designed not only to provide a dose of stimulation, but also to improve the digestive system. The Brazilian brand's products also include so-called tostadas – yerba mate based on roasted Ilex paraguariensis. When processed in a special oven, the green yerba mate turns dark brown and its taste and aroma is reminiscent of cereal coffee. Verde Mate Coffee or Dulcessa delight with their original flavour with a hint of chocolate. Instead of water, we recommend using milk to make them. Delicious!

All Verde Mate Green flavours are available in two weight options: half-kilo doypacks and 50-gram samples – great for those who want to try new flavours without having to buy a full-size pack. An even better option for getting to know yerba mate from Verde Mate is to opt for the sample pack. For true lovers of the South American brew who are keen to preserve the flavour and aromatic qualities of the dry mate as long as possible, we recommend buying Verde Mate in a set with a yerbera, which is a metal tin that not only protects the dry from moisture and weathering, but also makes it easy to pour yerba mate into the mate cup thanks to a convenient dispenser.

Verde Mate Green is the best yerba mate in its category – the reviews and thousands of fans can't be wrong! Just take a look at the hundreds of reviews from our customers. If you're looking for proven, natural yerba mate, straight from the heart of the Brazilian jungle – choose Verde Mate!

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Yerba Verde Mate Green Despalada 0,5kg

Yerba Verde Mate Green Despalada 0,5kg

£5.50 incl. VAT/1pc(£11.00 / kg incl. VAT)
Yerba Verde Mate Green Energia 0,5kg

Yerba Verde Mate Green Energia 0,5kg

£5.90 incl. VAT/1pc(£11.80 / kg incl. VAT)
Yerba Verde Mate Green Terere  0,5kg

Yerba Verde Mate Green Terere 0,5kg

£5.90 incl. VAT/1pc(£11.80 / kg incl. VAT)
Verde Mate Green Organica 0,5kg (organic)

Verde Mate Green Organica 0,5kg (organic)

£6.40 incl. VAT/1pc(£12.80 / kg incl. VAT)