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What is the best yerba mate? Check out our opinion!

What is the best yerba mate? Check out our opinion!

What is the best yerba mate? Which yerba mate tastes best? When someone on the online forums asks a similar question, fierce discussions arise in a flash. Many of you also ask this question to us. As the old saying goes, there's no accounting for taste. Without an exchange of opinions the world would be a boring place. That is why – as people for whom yerba mate is an everyday reality and an important part of life – we have decided to speak up. In today's article, you will find out which one of all yerba mate teas is the best in our opinion!


  1. What is the best yerba mate? Does it exist?
  2. The best classic yerba mate
  3. The best flavoured yerba mate
  4. The best yerba mate for beginners
  5. The best stimulating yerba mate
  6. The best organic yerba mate
  7. he best yerba mate. Final decision

What is the best yerba mate? Does it exist?

As we have already mentioned, to each his own, because everyone likes something different. What we choose depends on our own preferences - what we like, what suits our taste buds better. These are purely subjective feelings. Our choices are influenced by factors such as age, gender, education, demographic and economic aspects, lifestyle, views, the influence of the environment, the opinions of others, the benefits of choosing a particular product, the brand of the product and its effective advertising or the price of the product, among others. Added to this are the ever-changing trends. Today we have the fashion for healthy lifestyle, ecological products and ubiquitous recycling, tomorrow something completely different will be in fashion. If the choice of favourite product is a matter of individuality, how do we know which yerba mate is the best? We cannot tell you what is the only right choice, unequivocally indicating the best yerba mate. Every mate lover needs to test different flavours and products from different manufacturers to find out for themselves.

The best classic yerba mate

The world of yerba mate attracts us with its richness, and producers are constantly making their offers more and more attractive with many innovative solutions. However, sometimes the classic option, without any additives or improvements, is enough to make us happy. Pure yerba mate has a distinctive flavour and aroma, which can sometimes alienate beginner mate drinkers, but in our experience, over time most “slurpers” tend to go for the pure classics anyway. As you know, Ilex paraguariensis grows in Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, and yerba mate is also loved by Uruguayans. It is said that every country has its own traditions, so the classics – depending on their place of origin - have more than one name.

Let’s begin with Paraguayan yerba mate

Because of the high temperatures, Paraguayan people love tereré, so yerba mate is distinct in flavour here even when served cold. It is usually characterised by a deep, smoky aroma and the addition of dust. The pioneer for the development of mateism in this country is the yerba mate brand Selecta that reigned supreme for years. We do not hide the fact that products of this producer are among our absolute favourites. We would like to draw your attention to Selecta Premium, a high-quality dried product made of specially selected leaves and twigs of Ilex paraguariensis. The flagship product of the Selecta brand for our market is Guarani. Although the brand only appeared a few years ago, it embodies all that is best about Paraguayan traditions: potency, nobly bitter taste and the effect of excellent stimulation. Fans of Paraguayan yerba mate particularly appreciate the additive-free, classic Guarani Elaborada con Palo Tradicional. In addition, thanks to its ideal price/quality ratio, Guarani occupies one of the top positions on bestseller lists.

What is the best yerba mate from Brazil?

The country of samba is the largest producer of yerba mate in the world, and the Brazilian yerba mate teas are famous for their vibrant green colour and juicy aroma. They are most often very finely ground, so that most of the packet is filled with dust (chimarrão). One of the best finely ground yerba mate is Brazilian Barão De Cotegipe. Cambona is the flagship yerba mate in the chimarrão type. In order to comfortably drink the infusion of finely ground yerba mate, a suitable bombilla or special filter cap is required. Although chimarrão is really tasty, many native yerba fans are easily discouraged by this type of infusion. Innovative Verde Mate Green came with help. Belonging to the mate green group, Verde Mate embodies everything that is best about Brazilian products. It is not too bitter and has a wonderful organic aroma, with a slightly grassy note. It simply exudes life! What sets it apart from typical blends is its stately, thick-cut leaves and complete lack of sticks. We have been enjoying it regularly at the office for quite some time now and we agree that Verde Mate is the best Brazilian product we know! We know that you love Verde Mate just like us – it has been on our lists of best-selling yerba mate for a long time and there is no sign of it leaving.

The best Argentine yerba mate

So, what is the best Argentine yerba mate? For many, the Argentine yerba mate is the quintessential taste of the Ilex paraguariensis. Long aging and smoke-drying give a bitter yet subtle and balanced character. Valued producers abound, so choosing the best brand is quite a challenge. After much deliberation, we came to the conclusion that, in our opinion, the yerba mate brand Rosamonte deserves the title of leader among the Argentine classics. Decades of presence on the market have allowed the producer to gain valuable experience, thanks to which its yerba mate tastes simply excellent. You can find it in the form of classic elaborada, despalada, suave with a lighter flavour and Selección Especial from specially selected leaves.

It is worth mentioning that another product perfectly matching the Argentine yerba mate tradition is available in our shop. This is the Yaguar brand, which, although it originates from Brazil, is much closer in style to the yerba of its southern neighbours. After the classic smoke-drying process, the whole product is aged for a long time. In this way, the intense bitterness is mellowed and the flavours are perfectly balanced. Yerba mate prepared in this way blends amazingly with fruity and herbal additives. There are currently more than a dozen flavour variations of Yaguar on the market and new launches are constantly being announced. We have no doubt that Yaguar will be an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best yerba mate from Argentina.

The best yerba mate

The best yerba mate from Uruguay

Although yerba mate is not usually produced in Uruguay, Uruguayans outright love it. The dry mate that is available there comes mainly from Brazil, but it is very different from the typical Brazilian erva mate. Uruguayan mate is intense, with a sense of bitterness, but not as pronounced as in Paraguayan varieties. The rather finely cut leaves are accompanied by twigs and a fair amount of dust. The tastiest yerba mate from Uruguay, in our opinion, is the one from the Del Cebador brand - a true Uruguayan classic!

The best flavoured yerba mate

The best yerba mate manufacturers ensure that their range caters to the tastes of different consumers, so they offer interesting flavour variations. Of course, the sheer number of variations available does not immediately indicate high quality. However, by avoiding haste and meticulously fine-tuning blends, you can win the favour of many mateists. For years, the unrivalled role models have been yerba mates from the CBSé brand that produces only yerba mate with additives. They have a lot of experience in this and a whole host of creative proposals. By far the best and most popular blend of this brand is the version with added guarana. We also liked the Frutos Tropicales version, which is yerba mate flavoured with tropical fruit. Recently other brands have taken the lead as the best tasting yerba mate: Brazilian Verde Mate Green, Yaguar and Paraguayan Guarani. The first one is characterised by its juicy colour and light aroma, the second is made in the spirit of Argentine traditions and the third is one of the slightly more intense products typical of its homeland. What they have in common is a truly impressive number of variations and an artful balance of additional accents. There are currently almost 50 (!) different Verde Mate blends, 29 flavour variants of Yaguar and 16 Guarani versions available. The best yerba mate flavours of Verde Mate Green, in our opinion, are the strongly exotic Mango & Maracuya and full of fruits Very Strawberry. The yerba mate flavours we recommend from Yaguar are lovely Rosada and Berryland, with a hint of forest fruit. From the Guarani brand, we particularly recommend the Naranja variation, where the flavour and aroma of orange blends perfectly with the intense Paraguayan variety of yerba mate. A number of successful fruity or herbal yerba mate teas have passed through our palates. However, you can believe us - we have never encountered such a wonderfully harmonious aroma and flavour before. No element comes too clearly to the fore. The distinctive yerba mate base is very much in evidence, but leaves room for the complementary ingredients as well. The flavours of the yerba mate are simply outstanding - whether we fancy the soothing aroma of herbs, citrus refreshment or even forest fruits.

The best yerba mate for beginners

There is no definition of the ideal yerba mate for the beginners. It is customary to believe that some people are put off by the mateism by an overly intense bitter taste of the brew, which is why newcomers are most likely to be recommended mild or flavoured blends. Which yerba mate to start with? In our opinion, products from the Verde Mate Green brand are ideal here. The Brazilian producer's mate tea is juicy green and devoid of bitter notes, thanks to an innovative production method whereby the leaves and twigs of Ilex paraguariensis are dried with hot air rather than fire and smoke, and the aging process is omitted. Beginners will certainly enjoy the fruity versions, such as the bestselling yerba mate Frutos del Bosque or Pomelo de Oriente, which we particularly recommend. We also recommend Verde Mate Cactus de Juarez with the addition of prickly pear flowers. From our insightful observations, Verde Mate is the most frequently purchased yerba mate by newcomers. So we decided to meet you and therefore you can buy samples of 50 grams in our shop. This allows you for an unhindered tasting experience.

The best stimulating yerba mate

Our rankings of best selling yerba mates tell us that products you most prefer are the stimulating ones, with the addition of guarana. We have tested many yerba mates, different flavours and types, and we can assure you with a clear conscience that the most stimulating and also the tastiest yerba mate in this category in our opinion is El Fuego Energia Guarana! Intense, bitter and truly Paraguayan yerba mate. Hands up who shares our opinion!

The best organic yerba mate

When we buy certified organic products, we can be sure that they are produced with full respect for people and the environment. These have become increasingly popular in recent years. The positive trend has also reached the mate world. Organic yerba mate is still a niche, but it is rapidly gaining more supporters. Of the ones we had the opportunity to taste, Soul Mate was by far the most to our liking. Originating from a family plantation in Brazil, Ilex paraguariensis is prepared without the use of smoke. As a result, it has a refreshing, slightly grassy flavour note. At the same time, it does not lose any of its strength, guaranteeing an excellent stimulating effect both in the form of a warm infusion and tereré. It is worth mentioning that Soul Mate comes in both the classic version and in several flavour variations. Its compositions contain only natural additives, sourced from organic cultivation and are flavourless.

The best yerba mate. Final decision

In the maze of the rich offer available in our shop, choosing the best products is not at all easy. However, after an extended period of daily tastings, we have managed to identify our favourites. What are the yerba mate products we recommend? In our opinion, by far the best and tastiest yerba mate brands are Verde Mate Green and Guarani. With their varied offerings, they appeal to the tastes of most mate drinkers. Verde Mate and Guarani are also the bestsellers of our online shop. Rosamonte and CBSé are also very good products. When it comes to organic yerba mate, the clear leader is Soul Mate. We wholeheartedly recommend these products and think they are worth buying!

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Taragui Energia 500g

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