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Yerba Mate tea wholesale

Yerba mate tea wholesale. The lowest prices and the largest selection only at You are more than welcome!

Do you manage a tea shop or an online yerba mate store? You are invited to join, the wholesale platform offering yerba mate and accessories. It is a place where passion for a healthy lifestyle is combined with a wealth of natural products! For more than a decade we have been importing yerba mate and accessories for lovers of the stimulating brew from South America. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the realities of the Latin American market, we are one of the few to import yerba mate directly from the producers. Bypassing the middlemen, we can offer by far the lowest wholesale prices for yerba mate and accessories on the market. Over the years we have managed to establish cooperation with many companies from all over Europe. Our yerba mate wholesale platform guarantees fast processing of orders and full openness to cooperation with new contractors. Among our official partners are the most well-known, renowned yerba mate brands straight from South America, such as:

  • Rosamonte
  • El Fuego
  • Verde Mate Green
  • La Merced
  • Nobleza Gaucha
  • Kurupi
  • Rio Parana
  • Kraus
  • Yaguar
  • Barão De Cotegipe
  • Soul Mate Orgánica
  • Guarani
  • Campesino
  • Cruz de Malta
  • CBSé
  • Unión
  • Selecta
  • La Rubia
  • Pachamama (guayusa tea brand)

A huge range of products to suit a wide variety of customer needs

Yerba mate is the main theme of wholesale on the platform, but the assortment available there is much broader and includes products that are also worth paying attention to. What else, apart from yerba mate, can be found on the wholesale website?

Accessories for preparing and drinking yerba mate

In addition to the yerba mate itself, it is worth taking a look at the attractive offer on yerba mate accessories by Cebador. The manufacturer offers everything necessary for lovers of yerba mate infusions. The offer includes a wide selection of bombillas (yerba mate straws) made of nickel-plated steel, stainless steel and alpaca. Cebador also offers various types of yerba mate vessels, such as ceramic mate cup, calabash, palo santo, calabaza, cuia, porongo, guampa – all at the lowest possible wholesale price. It is also worth mentioning accessories such as cork pads for the mate cup, bombilla cleaners or analogue thermometers which make it easier to measure the temperature of water for pouring yerba mate. The Cebador brand also offers innovative gadgets for yerba mate, such as Yerbomos 5.0, which combines the function of a thermos, mate gourd and bombilla – all in one, TermoMate and TermoLid thermal vessels, or the convenient LED Thermos with a touchscreen display.

Other infusions – coffee, tea, guayusa's offer could not miss other infusions, such as guayusa – a close cousin of yerba mate from Ecuador, high-quality tea, including green, black, white, pu-erh or rooibos, as well as freshly roasted, bean coffee from various parts of the world. Along with the brews, a wide range of accessories can be found at wholesale – brewers, French Presses, traditional matcha tea brewing accessories, coffee filters and many, many more.

Additives for yerba mate and infusions and health foods

Thanks to wide, long-term cooperation with suppliers from all over the world, the offer of the wholesaler includes other products such as: herbs, spices, dried fruit, nuts or dried edible flowers. They can serve as additives to yerba mate or other infusions, but are also widely used in the kitchen and beyond. A noteworthy product in the offer of the wholesaler is also Nustino skimmed peanut butter in powder form – available in several unique flavours.

Yerba mate wholesale. How to collaborate with

In order to cooperate with the wholesale yerba mate and accessories company, it is necessary to create an account. This is necessary to know the wholesale prices of yerba mate and other products available on the platform. Once the account is verified by the platform's support staff, the wholesale prices will unlock automatically. After logging in and passing the verification, it will be possible to place a wholesale order. It is worth mentioning that the platform offers an attractive discount programme. The larger the order is placed, the higher the discount will be, and thus, the prices of products will be even more attractive. Details on the discount thresholds are available at the address under this link.

Why cooperate with – yerba mate wholesaler?

  • Wide range of products – is not only about yerba mate. The wholesaler also offers a wide range of accessories for the preparation and drinking of infusions, high-quality tea and coffee, additives for infusions, spices, herbs and products from the “healthy food” category.
  • Attractive prices – products are imported directly from manufacturers – without middlemen, which translates into their price. In this way, the wholesaler can offer customers products at the lowest possible price on the market.
  • Top quality – importing products directly from manufacturers has another advantage: it guarantees that the products are of the highest quality.
  • Favourable discounts – wholesale customers can take advantage of an attractive discount programme – the higher the value of the products purchased, the lower the price.

We look forward to working with you and are at your full disposal if you have any questions!