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Yerba mate green. Definitely worth a try!

Yerba mate green. Definitely worth a try!

Green yerba mate tea is getting more and more popular these days. That’s why we’ve decided to take a closer look at this variety of mate tea popular especially in Brazil. How does it differ from traditional mate tea? Which one is better? Read on and find out!

Yerba mate green and traditional yerba mate. What’s the difference between them?

The green variety of yerba mate differs from traditional products. Usually, typical yerba mate from Paraguay or Argentina is characterized by dark-green colour and strong, bitter aroma. Yerba mate green, however, is different. It looks lively and fresh, it’s practically twig-free and dust free and has a delicate natural flavour. The key factor contributing to its distinct flavour is the different method of processing. Traditional yerba mate is subjected to smoke drying which makes leaves taste bitter and profound. When it comes to yerba mate green, instead of smoke, hot air is used. In effect, leaves remain lively green and keep their natural flavour. The infusion tastes milder and less bitter. Interestingly, the caffeine level remains practically the same.

Yerba mate green vs. traditional yerba mate. Which one is better?

Which yerba mate tea variety is considered better? Traditional "smoked" blends or lively and fresh yerba mate green? There is no clear answer. Both varieties have their pros and cons. Their nutritional values ​​and caffeine content are at a similar level. Therefore, it’s all about the flavour. Due to the milder nature of yerba mate green, it is often considered the best mate tea variety for beginners. It will also be appreciated by lovers of flavored mate tea as it mixes perfectly with herbs and fruits. with the addition of fruit or herbs. Thanks to its less profound character, it is easier to compose interesting mixtures rich in various ingredients.

Verde Mate Green. The best green yerba mate in our online store!

The most popular yerba mate green in Europe is without a doubt Verde Mate Green. Offering twenty flavour variations, it makes perfect use of green mate tea’s potential.. In addition to the classic despalada and organic variations, the producer from Brazilian Parana offers lots of interesting blends based on herbs and fruits. Some have become bestsellers in Europe. One of them is Verde Mate Energia with energizing guarana fruit. Another one worth mentioning is Verde Mate Mas IQ with special formula of ingredients known for stimulating brain functions. Lovers of delicate fruity yerba mate will certainly appreciate Verde Mate Frutos Tropicales and Terére.

What's your opinion on yerba mate green? Or maybe you just want to try it? We are happy to know your opinion, and meanwhile we encourage you to shop in our online yerba mate store!


Pajarito Elaborada Con Palo Tradicional 0,25kg

Pajarito Elaborada Con Palo Tradicional 0,25kg

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Taragui Energia 500g Special offer

Taragui Energia 500g

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Guarani Energia con Guarana 0,5kg

Guarani Energia con Guarana 0,5kg

£4.90 incl. VAT/1pc(£9.80 / kg incl. VAT)
 Yerba Verde Mate Green Frutos Tropicales 0,5kg

Yerba Verde Mate Green Frutos Tropicales 0,5kg

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