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Yerba mate thermometer – the key to prepare the perfect brew!

Yerba mate thermometer – the key to prepare the perfect brew!

Yerba mate is not just a drink, but a true ritual that has its roots in the Guarani Indian culture. This healthy, stimulating brew made from Ilex paraguariensis leaves contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. To fully enjoy the properties of yerba mate, proper preparation is key, especially the right temperature of the brewing water. This is where the yerba mate thermometer comes onto the scene–- an inconspicuous accessory that can become your best friend in the kitchen!


  1. Hot, but not boiling. What is the ideal temperature for brewing yerba mate?
  2. Yerba mate thermometer – an ally in the pursuit of excellence!
  3. How to use a yerba mate thermometer? Instructions
  4. Why should every yerba mate lover have their own thermometer?

Hot, but not boiling. What is the ideal temperature for brewing yerba mate?

Wondering why the brewing temperature of yerba is so crucial? Well, the right water temperature is the secret to a delicious and healthy brew. Yerba mate, the power drink of the Guarani Indians, only releases its properties when prepared under the right conditions, and the optimum brewing temperature is around 70-80°C. Why exactly that much?

Remember: boiling water is the enemy of yerba mate! Pouring mate with water that is too hot is one of the most common mistakes made by beginner mate drinkers. Boiling water causes the leaves of the yerba mate to "scald" instantly, leading to a loss of taste and health properties. The infusion becomes bitter and unpalatable. What's more, boiling water can destroy valuable micronutrients and reduce the caffeine content, which is one of the main reasons we reach for yerba mate. And this is not an empty invention – it has been scientifically proven. On the other hand, too cold temperature of the water* is not ideal either. If the water is too cold, yerba mate will not release its full flavour and aroma. The infusion will be weak and its stimulating properties significantly reduced. This is why it is so important to control the temperature of the water – a yerba mate thermometer can make this much easier.

* By this we mean water at a lukewarm temperature, around 20-60°C. Yerba mate releases its properties very well not only at 70-80°C, but also in very cold water, even icy. You can read more about tereré – cold yerba mate, here.

Yerba mate thermometer – an ally in the pursuit of excellence!

The thermometer is a real game-changer for any yerba mate lover. Imagine always being sure that your mate is brewed at the perfect temperature. Sounds great, doesn't it? The thermometer is a practical tool that makes life much easier, especially for beginner mate drinkers. With it, you don't have to guess whether the water is warm enough – you just measure and you know!

There are different types of yerba mate thermometers on the market. You can choose between analogue or digital ones. Some teapots, electric kettles or thermoses (such as the LED thermos available in our shop) already have a built-in thermometer, making it easy to measure the precise temperature of the water inside them. Analogue thermometers are the cheapest option – they are trivial to use and reliable. Using a thermometer for brewing yerba mate has many advantages. First of all, it ensures that the water is at the right temperature, which is crucial for the taste and health properties of the brew. With a yerba mate thermometer, you can avoid pouring boiling water over the dried leaves, which could destroy their valuable properties and make the brew bitter. In addition, the thermometer helps you develop the habit of precise brewing, which over time allows you to intuitively feel the right temperature of the water.

Yerba mate thermometer

Yerba mate thermometer – how to use? Step-by-step instructions

The analogue thermometer for yerba mate is extremely easy to use. It is mainly made of stainless steel and consists of two components: a dial with a pointer that shows the temperature range (usually 0-100°C, although some models offer a wider range), and a “needle” that is dipped into the water. In addition, most analogue thermometers come with a practical case made of plastic. The case not only protects the device from mechanical damage, but also makes the thermometer easier to use. The needle of the thermometer can be placed in the metal "loop" and the case, when positioned at the right angle, will thus act as a "handle", so that you don't burn yourself when taking the temperature in a kettle or thermos and the thermometer doesn't fall into the water. In addition, the case often has a clip that allows the thermometer to be attached to the wall of the pot, which is very convenient when measuring the water temperature.

Using such a thermometer is simple and intuitive. How do you measure the temperature for brewing yerba mate with it?

  1. Boil water in a kettle.
  2. Prepare the thermometer – put the needle through the metal loop and tilt the case so that it is easier to place the thermometer in the kettle.
  3. Dip the thermometer into the water and wait for the indicator to show the correct temperature.
  4. Check the temperature - if it is right, you can pour yerba mate. If the water is too hot, wait a while for it to cool down. If it is too cold, reheat it.

Some practical tips:

  • To speed up the cooling time, you can pour the water immediately after boiling into a separate container and wait a while for it to become colder. When the water has reached the desired temperature, pour it over the yerba mate.
  • It is not necessary to “fully” boil water for yerba mate. Some even believe that boiled and cooled water affects the taste of the brew. So you can place a thermometer in the kettle while it is boiling and put the kettle down when the water has reached the desired temperature. Note: Even if you stop boiling the water, the temperature will still rise rapidly until you pour it into a pot, so in this case it is a good idea to stop boiling around 65-70°C.
  • Practice makes perfect! Over time, you will learn to intuitively sense when the water is the right temperature and you probably won't need the thermometer anymore, but it will certainly help you develop these habits.

Why should every yerba mate lover have their own thermometer?

Fine, it's not that a thermometer is essential for brewing mate tea – but it certainly is a big help especially at the beginning of your mate adventure! First of all, it allows you to precisely control the temperature of the water, which is crucial for the perfect brew. For beginner mateists who are not yet adept at sensing the right temperature, the thermometer is a real saviour. You don't have to guess or rely on intuition – with just a glance at the thermometer, you know that the water is ready to pour your yerba mate. This is a great convenience, especially if you are just learning the art of brewing this unique drink. In addition, the thermometer also has many other uses in the kitchen. You can use it to measure the temperature when baking cakes or preparing grilled food. It is a versatile tool that is sure to find many uses in your kitchen. With it, you will always be sure that your food is prepared under the right conditions, which translates into better taste and quality.

If you are wondering where to buy a yerba mate thermometer – you don't have to look far. You will find a convenient and affordable analogue thermometer by Cebador in our shop. It is a durable, resistant and very convenient tool that will come in handy not only for yerba, but also for everyday kitchen challenges!

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