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Yerbomos 3.0 – holiday essential for yerba mate lover.

Yerbomos 3.0 – holiday essential for yerba mate lover.

Yerbomos 3.0 is a practical accessory that combines the functions of a mate gourd, bombilla and thermos. Ease of use and ergonomic design make it perfect to use practically anywhere you go. It will also come in handy during your summer trips. Are you going on vacation? Be sure to take it with you!

Yerbomos 3.0 – thermos, gourd and bombilla in one. Only in our yerba mate store!

Our yerba mate store was the first one in the UK to introduce Yerbomos 3.0. The accessory developed by Cebador brand definitely stands out from its competitors. The most important improvement is the introduction of the thermos function. It‘s possible thanks to double walls of stainless steel known for excellent thermal insulation properties. Pozwala to na utrzymanie pożądanej temperatury naparu nawet przez 8 godzin! In addition, the issue of tightness of the lid has been refined, making the transport and use of Yerbomos 3.0 way more convenient.

Yerbomos 3.0 – yerba mate fan's must have!

The use of Yerbomos 3.0 is pleasant and intuitive. Just unscrew the cap, add up to 500 ml of water, then remove the lid, put some yerba mate inside, install the drinking tube and… that's it! You can enjoy your favorite yerba mate tea without a number of accessories such as a bombilla, mate gourd or a thermos. With each sip, the cap with yerba mate inside it is moistened with a fresh portion of water. It can be hot, but also cool, which will be a better solution for many of you during the holiday season. After all, the thermos keeps both low and high temperatures. Now how about some ice cold tereré while lying on a beach or during a sightseeing trip? With Yerbomos 3.0 it will be more convenient than ever!

photo yerbomos 3.0 - thermos flask bombilla yerba mate tea