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Pajarito - the story of Paraguayan perfection

Pajarito - the story of Paraguayan perfection

Powerful, smoky, strong and tangible flavour that cannot be imitated... This is an abbreviated description of Pajarito, one of my favourite types of yerba mate. It's not a novelty, but a classic with over 60 years of history behind it. So let's move to that place in South America where yerba mate is strong in all aspects - flavour, aroma and stimulation.


  1. Pajarito – Paraguayan yerba mate. Characteristics and properties
  2. 60 years gone by... The history of the Pajarito brand
  3. From a small plantation to a great fame
  4. Ecological and social activities
  5. Yerba mate Pajarito - wide range and best reviews
  6. Pajarito - the icon among yerba mate brands

Paraguayan yerba mate. Characteristics and properties

A lot of yerba mate lovers, already well acquainted with its distinctive character, consider Pajarito to be the quintessential taste and aroma of Ilex paraguariensis. The Paraguayan yerba mate brand, which originates from the province of Itapúa in the south of the country, is a classic that cannot be passed by indifferently. Expressive in flavour and aroma, it is bitter and astringent, with perceptible hints of smoke, thanks to the traditional processing method known as barbacuá. Only the finest selected leaves and twigs of Ilex paraguariensis go into production, which must meet the high standards set by the company's owners. The holly grows on the plantation for about five to seven years and then the harvest is organised every year, during the winter season - from May to August. Once dried, the leaves and twigs are crushed and carefully sieved so that the dried product that finally arrives in the packet meets the exacting requirements of the quality standards in terms of leaf, twig and dust content. However, it is subjected to an ageing period of approximately 20-24 months before it is packaged in the distinctive packaging with the bird. Yerba mate is a healthy alternative to coffee and energy drinks. It is perfectly stimulating and also contains many vitamins and minerals that have a positive effect on the functioning of the entire body. Pajarito does not deviate from the standards in this respect. It is a source of antioxidants, minerals: magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, calcium, manganese, zinc and copper, as well as B vitamins. The manufacturer of Pajarito yerba mate also states the exact caffeine content - 100 grams of dried product poured into 1 litre of water contains 790 milligrams of caffeine.

60 years gone by... The history of the Pajarito brand

In 1956, Lauro Raatz and his wife Sara, on their family's plantation of Ilex paraguariensis located in Bella Vista, founded a company to offer a high-quality, 100% Paraguayan product. The first years were difficult, full of hard work and sacrifices. The company started wholesale in a small pantry. Over time, as demand grew, yerba mate was packaged in wrapping paper - brown paper bags, stamped with red ink. Every day, 300 of such packets reached consumers in the immediate vicinity of the company. At the beginning of the 1970s, new packaging was introduced, which is still known today and is a distinctive trademark of the brand, depicting a drawing of a bird sitting on a sprig of holly, against a background of red, white and blue colours - the national colours of Paraguay. The Raatz family firmly believed in the success of the Paraguayan product. The company grew day by day, month by month. Better and better quality and at the same time more and more production brought profits, and the money earned was invested wisely. In 1985, yerba mate Pajarito set off into the world. The first country to recognise Paraguayan mate tea was Taiwan. Then Pajarito began to export to Canada. In 1988, the company purchased a tea bag packaging machine and became the first company ever to develop the innovative yerba mate cocido - yerba mate in tea bags.

From a small plantation to a great fame

Today, the company is one of the largest in the world among yerba mate producers. Although production is now fully mechanised, the memory of the company's beginnings is still cherished and the owners refer to the tradition and experience gained over the years. The company originally founded by Lauro Raatz and his wife was a small local enterprise, today Lauro Raatz S.A. employs more than 100 people, with a further 80 people employed for the annual harvest. Every day, 15,000 packets of top-quality yerba mate are produced, which reaches consumers on all continents, in more than 47 countries. The cultivation area covers more than 300 hectares (including organic cultivation). Pajarito is the true pride of Paraguay and a classic among yerba mate.

Yerbata mate Pajarito

Ecological and social activities

It is worth noting that Lauro Raatz S.A. is not just a profit-oriented company. The company also works for the local community - it financially supports schools, funds scholarships, supports cultural and sporting activities. The company is also involved in the creation of city parks and gardens, and gives housing support to its employees. Lauro Raatz S.A. is not afraid of competition and does not close itself off to cooperation with local farmers. It supplies them with seedlings and develops their knowledge of yerba mate cultivation. The company's philosophy is contained in two sentences: "Non-conformism by nature" and "Do today what others will think of tomorrow". The company is constantly looking for new opportunities, adapting to consumer demands. So we can rest assured about the future of the Pajarito brand - it will continue to positively surprise people all over the world! An interesting fact is that the company is open to the public - tour groups can visit the company's headquarters six days a week. There, visitors can see films about the history and production process of yerba mate, taste the local product, visit the yerba mate packaging and storage areas, and see the organic part of the cultivation. A museum of the Raatz family and their company has been opened for visitors.

Yerba mate Pajarito - wide range and best reviews

Pajarito is a typical Paraguayan yerba mate. How to brew it? It tastes perfect both in its warm form - poured over water with a maximum temperature of 80 °C - and in the form of ice-cold tereré. Due to its intensity, typical of the Paraguayan variety of yerba mate, Pajarito is recommended for people who are already familiar with the taste of Ilex paraguariensis. The most popular and best-rated products among consumers are the classic mate - without additives: Pajarito Elaborada and Pajarito Selección Especial, made from the highest quality leaves of Ilex paraguariensis. The brand also offers something for those who like yerba mate with additives, such as Pajarito Menta Limón, with the addition of mint and lemon, or Pajarito Compuesta con Hierbas - enriched with a composition of aromatic herbs. When browsing the Pajarito brand offer, it is also worth paying attention to the yerba mate packed in sachets - yerba mate cocido. The pack contains 20 sachets with 3 g of dried mate. This is a great solution for yerba mate fans who do not have time to prepare it with a mate gourd and bombilla. Simply pour boiling water over the yerba mate sachet and you're ready to go!

Pajarito - the icon among yerba mate brands

Pajarito is an icon among yerba mate brands. Quality, tradition and the quintessence of true Paraguayan character. Anyone who loves the intensity, distinctive flavour, aroma and power of yerba mate will reach for Pajarito sooner or later. Where is the best place to buy it? In the online yerba mate shop -, of course!

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