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What is the strongest yerba mate? Let’s check!

What is the strongest yerba mate? Let’s check!

Yerba mate attracts new enthusiasts all the time. Yerba mate lovers appreciate the vegetal aroma of the brew and the remarkable, multifaceted taste. For many, however, the key is the stimulating effect resulting from the high content of natural caffeine. You often ask us which is the strongest yerba mate? It is difficult to give a straightforward answer, as there are several favourites. Discover them in our article!


  1. What stimulates in yerba mate?
  2. What are the stimulating properties of yerba mate due to?
  3. The strongest stimulating yerba mate. What contains the most caffeine and is the best stimulant?
  4. Guarana - an extra dose of caffeine in yerba mate
  5. What are the strongest yerba mate on the market?

What stimulates in yerba mate?

Let's start by recalling a few facts. What stimulates in yerba mate? What makes yerba mate good for stimulation? The stimulating properties of yerba mate are mainly due to the caffeine it contains. It is a chemical compound, a purine alkaloid, which has a stimulating effect. It adds energy to your body, stimulates the mind, removes feelings of fatigue, sharpens the senses and improves concentration. Scientific sources state that 1L of yerba mate contains an average of about 358mg of caffeine. This is not precise information, as the caffeine content of yerba mate varies depending on many factors. It is slightly less than in coffee and more than in regular tea or energy drinks. We wrote more about caffeine and its content in yerba mate here. There are also two further compounds with stimulating effects in yerba mate - theophylline and theobromine. These substances make yerba mate have a different effect to coffee - strongly stimulating, but not so abruptly.

What are the stimulating properties of yerba mate due to?

The level of caffeine content in different types of yerba mate is determined by varying factors. Mate from different brands and manufacturers can stimulate to different degrees. Indeed, even different batches of the same product can differ in terms of caffeine content. What is the reason for this?

Factors affecting the caffeine content of yerba mate:

  • climatic conditions for the cultivation of Ilex paraguariensis,
  • the technology used to process dry product,
  • the temperature of the water used to brew the yerba mate infusion,
  • the duration of brewing yerba mate.
The strongest yerba mate

The consensus is that the best and strongest yerba mate is made from Ilex paraguariensis grown in diverse ecosystems. The stimulating properties of yerba mate are influenced by the climatic conditions of the plantation. These are a result of its location and therefore the level of sunshine, average temperatures and humidity, as well as the type and quality of the soil. The best conditions for growing the plant are a mountainous area located on soil rich in the minerals - iron and phosphorus and rainfall of around 1,500mm per year, intensified between September and February.

The timing of Ilex paraguariensis harvest is also important. Mature shrubs are ready for harvesting after about 4-6 years of growing, and then leaves and twigs are harvested from a single shrub every 2-3 years or so. The holly harvested between March and September is considered to be the most valuable, in terms of flavour and aroma and in terms of stimulating properties.

The processing technology of the plant is no less important. By this we mean its drying method, the seasoning period, the presence of sticks, dust and additives. Depending on the drying method - using fire and smoke or hot air - Ilex paraguariensis acquires different flavour and aroma qualities. The flavour and aroma is also greatly influenced by the seasoning time - the longer it is, the more intense the yerba mate is, gaining depth and a characteristic bitterness. Longer seasoning time also means a stronger stimulating effect. Yerba mate that contains more dust is also considered to have a stronger stimulating effect - this is where the true power is. The sticks present in the dry product are the so-called “cloggers”, which do not have any stimulating effect. Additives in the form of herbs or fruit also mitigate the stimulating effects of yerba mate. More caffeine is found in classic mate, without any additives.

Finally, we can also influence the stimulating properties of yerba mate ourselves. The caffeine content of the brew is influenced by the temperature of the water and the brewing time, which we can control ourselves. The most caffeine is released by the Ilex paraguariensis leaves when brewed with water at a temperature of around 70-80 °C. Yerba mate poured over boiling water or water that is too cold (but not icy) brews poorly and is not as stimulating. A strong yerba mate is the one that takes longer to brew. If one portion of the dried product is poured several times, each successive refill will be weaker in terms of its stimulating properties - the water washes away the caffeine. In addition, even the strongest yerba mate will not be particularly stimulating if you simply pour too little of it into the mate gourd. It is therefore worth adjusting the amount of dried tea to the effect you want to achieve.

The strongest yerba mate

The strongest stimulating yerba mate. What contains the most caffeine and is the best stimulant?

Among the additive-free "classics", we will find many highly energising products. It is worth taking this opportunity to dispel the widely spread myth that strongly bitter yerba mate has the highest caffeine content. These two things have absolutely nothing to do with each other. For example, the famous Pajarito has a lower caffeine concentration than the green and light-tasting Verde Mate Green. Statistically, the strongest yerba mate products are mainly from Argentina and Brazil. Yaguar Wild Energy and Rosamonte Suave deserve special mention here. That's right! The designation “suave” is often misinterpreted as “less stimulating”. Meanwhile, it is purely a matter of taste. The aforementioned Rosamonte Suave is one of the richest in caffeine of the yerba mates, and therefore the most stimulating.

Guarana - an extra dose of caffeine in yerba mate

Even if the type of yerba mate is not one of the most stimulating, a little extra energy can be "added". An ideal energy supplement that blends perfectly with the taste of yerba mate is guarana, a fruit from the Amazon basin that is considered one of the richest natural sources of caffeine. Guarana can be added to mate tea on its own or you can buy a ready-made blend from many manufacturers. Yerba mate compositions with guarana are considered to be among the strongest in terms of stimulating potential. If you are looking for a high dose of energy, you should definitely take an interest in these products. In our shop, we have a wide selection of the most stimulating yerba mates with guarana, including the Brazilian green mate tea from Verde Mate Green - Energía Guaraná. Which other yerba mates with guarana are the strongest and we recommend you pay attention to them? Among our favourites are: the Argentinian CBSé Energía Guaraná, Yaguar Energía Guaraná and the intense, smoky Paraguayan Guarani Energia con Guarana. Each of them is characterised by a very high concentration of caffeine. Paraguayan brand El Fuego is considered to be the strongest yerba mate on the market. Dried with fire and smoke, using the traditional barbacuá method, it stimulates intensely and for a long time. El Fuego Energia Guarana is particularly noteworthy here, as it contains not only the stimulating guarana, but also guayusa - the Ecuadorian "cousin" of yerba mate, which adds a third portion of caffeine to the composition.

What are the strongest yerba mate on the market?

Need a big dose of energy and wondering which yerba mate is the most stimulating? Among the strongest yerba mates you will find both traditional products and those with special stimulating ingredients. In addition to the brands mentioned above, the organic Soul Mate Despalada, for example, will provide an excellent stimulation. Taragui brand yerba mate (especially Taragüi Energia) has a high caffeine content. The most stimulating yerba mates from Paraguay are Selecta, Guarani and El Fuego. We recommend you try them and see for yourself how wonderfully stimulating they are!

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CBSe Energia Guarana 0.5kg

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Yerba Verde Mate Green Energia 0,5kg

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