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Organic guayusa is better! Here’s why the certification matters.

Organic guayusa is better! Here’s why the certification matters.

Pachamama is one of the pioneering ilex guayusa brands in our country and at the same time the first one coming from an ecological plantation. The excellent qualities of the product made it quickly become the domestic leader of this constantly developing market. No wonder there are several competing products on the horizon. These, however, while they might look inviting, rarely match the quality of organic products.

What is an organic product? A few words about organic certification.

In every industry, we find companies that attach great importance to the highest-class goods offered, as well as those who try to maximize profits at the expense of quality. At the same time, marketers do their best to hide all inconvenient facts about the products. They are aware that hardly anyone pays attention to reading information on labels, and what really determines the purchase is the superficial impression. As a result, the consumer, tempted by an attractive advertisement, is often fooled by simply poor products with dubious values. Both the client and the companies for which quality is a priority but do not have sufficient promotion opportunities are losing out. Unfair? Certainly. Fortunately, it was possible to develop mechanisms, respected throughout the European Union, to help popularize food, which, due to its high quality, simply deserves it. We are talking about organic certificates.

You have certainly encountered packaging decorated with a characteristic green icon and white stars forming the outline of the leaf. This is how organic products are labeled. The desire to obtain a certificate is associated with the need to meet a number of stringent quality standards. It must be proven that the product is made through the sustainable use of natural resources. Moreover, it must contribute to maintaining the regional ecological balance. It should also show an effect on improving soil fertility and water quality. To achieve this, it is essential to eliminate the use of pesticides, herbicides, oil-like agents and other chemicals. The cultivation of genetically modified seeds is also prohibited. In contrast to large monoculture plantations focused on the maximum profitability of production, it is easier to obtain a certificate for smaller, often family farms. These in many cases do not have to introduce so many improvements, because they are based on the traditional model of agriculture. This is the case with the manufacturer of Pachamama guayusa tea

Pachamama guayusa organic certified plantationCertified plantation where our guayusa is grown

Organic certified Pachamama guayusa tea leaves the competition behind!

Pachamama is one of the first organic ilex guayusa teas on the market. It is produced on a family plantation in the Ecuadorian province of Napo. The crops are harvested by hand, and the subsequent processing limited to the most basic, traditional methods. The brand quickly won the recognition of enthusiasts of energizing infusions. Certainly, a lot of the credit goes to the successful variations with certified herbal or fruit additions. However, it is not only the additives that play the key role, but above all the ilex guayusa itself. It is distinguished by a beautiful, lush green color, no sticks and a subtle, plant scent. After brewing, it acquires a homogeneous dark color and a pleasant aroma reminiscent of nettle infusion. The taste is one of a kind. There is no "flatness" that is common among inferior, non-certified products. The whole is characterized by ethereal depth, and at the same time does not overwhelm with too intense notes. Thanks to its excellent qualities, Pachamama harmonizes perfectly with natural additives. This is evidenced by as many as 7 flavor variations. Each of them is a fusion of organic ilex guayusa along wth fruits and herbs of organic origin. Instead of experimenting with suspicious products of unclear provenance, it is better to choose the proven Pachamama guayusa tea that has been around for a long time and has been excellently assessed by customers. The organic certificate obliges!