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Yerba mate Rosamonte - Argentine power and flavour

Yerba mate Rosamonte - Argentine power and flavour

From a small, family-run business to one of Argentina's most recognisable yerba mate brands - this is the journey of Rosamonte. It is a yerba mate legend that today seduces consumers all over the world with its specific expressiveness of taste and aroma.


  1. From a family business to a globally recognised brand. The history of Rosamonte
  2. What is yerba mate Rosamonte like?
  3. Why Rosamonte?
  4. Expressive yerba mate for expressive people

From a family business to a globally recognised brand. The history of Rosamonte

Rosamonte's history dates back to 1936, when Demetrio Hreñuk, the son of Ukrainian immigrants, created a family business in Apóstoles, Argentina, in the province of Misiones. Together with his wife Catalina, he dedicated himself to growing and drying yerba mate. The business developed gradually, but the real expansion and actual creation of the Rosamonte brand came in 1966. It was then that Hreñuk bought his first mill. The family plantation turned into a real, large-scale commercial business. The company expanded into other industries - tea production, fishing, cattle breeding and forestry. However, it is mostly known as one of Argentina's best yerba mate producers, appreciated all over the world. In the 1970s, the company was taken over by Demetrio and Catalina's sons, Roman and Luis, who steadily developed the company on many levels. Specialists were hired to carefully study the conditions for growing yerba mate - the atmosphere, the humidity of the soil and air, the sunshine and the amount of rainfall. All these factors are important in the development of Ilex paraguariensis, and the company was keen to make sure that the best possible plants went into each packet of yerba mate. Hreñuk's sons were also heavily involved in promoting the Rosamonte brand, sponsoring local football clubs and racing teams. A local football team, Club Deportivo Rosamonte, was named after the brand. The footballers' uniforms were identical to the colours of the distinctive Rosamonte packaging - red and black.

Yerbata mate Rosamonte

What is yerba mate Rosamonte like? Properties and effects

The strength of yerba mate Rosamonte lies in the constant selection starting as early as the choice of the seedlings. Ilex paraguariensis grows on fertile soil, rich in minerals and organic components. The plants are grown without pesticides or artificial fertilisers. The harvest lasts from April until the end of September. Depending on the version of the product, Rosamonte is aged for one to two years. The subsequent stages of production, starting with the harvest, are fully mechanised. The company also boasts a special laboratory where the properties of the harvested leaves and twigs are tested. The company has one of the most modern drying facilities ensuring the stability and efficiency of the various heat treatment processes of the harvest.

Yerba mate with rose flavour?

There is a legend that a delicate rose note is perceptible in the taste of Rosamonte’s yerba mate, which is said to be due to the aging of the dried product with rosewood. Some people do not sense this taste and aroma at all, while others feel it quite clearly. It is unclear whether the mythical taste and aroma that some fans of Rosamonte sense is a matter of suggestion by the brand name, which literally translates from Italian as “rose mountain”, or the logo, which features a graphic of a rose. In turn, the lack of rose flavour and aroma is explained by some as a weathered product. It is true that the producer itself does not officially state this, so the issue of Rosamonte's rose note is in no way confirmed. What is certain, however, is the intensity and distinctiveness of the taste and aroma of Argentine yerba mate Rosamonte. It has a bitterness and a characteristic "tightness" on the tongue when drunk.

Rosamonte - a dose of health

Like all yerba mates, Rosamonte contains a high dose of caffeine, so it is excellent for stimulating, improving concentration and giving energy. It is therefore a great alternative to coffee and energy drinks. It is also a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which have many positive properties. Among others, it contains vitamins A, B, C and E, as well as the minerals: phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iron. Rosamonte is a real dose of pure health - it is not without reason that it is recommended by the Argentine Cardiac Society. The manufacturer includes nutritional information on the yerba mate packaging. For example, 50g of Rosamonte Tradicional contains:

Energy value of yerba mate Rosamonte: 88kJ/21kcal;
Protein: 0.60g;
Fat: 0g;
Saturated fat: 0g;
Trans fat: 0g;
Carbohydrates: 4.70g;
Sugar: 1.10g;
Sodium: 6mg;
Fiber: 0g.

Why Rosamonte? Let's check out the brand's offer

Although most of the stages in the production of Rosamonte yerba mate are common to all its variants, several factors, such as the date the plants were harvested or the drying and ageing time, influence the difference between products. They are distinguished by the different colours of their packaging. All Rosamonte variants are pure yerba mate, with no additives. The brand's range includes: traditional yerba mate, a lighter suave version recommended for beginners, specially selected mate, mate in linen bag, mate cocido - in convenient bags, despalada (only leaves), terere - a special product dedicated to cold preparation. Yerba mate Rosamonte is a classic worth reaching for. How to brew it? Just like any other yerba mate - using a calabash and a bombilla, pouring water at a temperature of around 70-80 °C.

Expressive yerba mate for expressive people

The reviews about the Argentine brand are overwhelmingly positive. It is among the best yerba mate available on the market. One foreign reviewer rated it as: "scrumptiously delicious". Why? "If you really want a bitter mate, Rosamonte is one of the best choices. With its tangy ingredients, it will appeal to the “rough parts” of your palate (...). Rosamonte is yerba mate you like or dislike, you have nothing in between".

We do like Rosamonte very much and we are sure you will like it too. If you want to experience the taste of a true Argentine classic, then yerba mate Rosamonte is an excellent choice. The price is also encouraging - it is adequate to the quality of the product. Various variants of this Argentinian yerba are available in our shop - in stronger and milder versions, all worth trying! In addition, at very attractive prices. Welcome!

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