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Yerba mate accessories. Which are the best? How to choose?

Yerba mate accessories. Which are the best? How to choose?

High-quality accessories are crucial to enjoying the taste and properties of yerba mate. There are a few gadgets that make it possible to comfortably prepare and drink Ilex paraguariensis infusions. Today we will tell you what accessories may come in handy. Enjoy!

Gourd for yerba mate – which one is the best?

The first vessels for yerba mate were made of gourds that are also called a calabash. More about these plants you can read here. Nowadays, this type of vessels is still in use, although mainly in the countries of South America such as Paraguay, Argentina or Brazil. Among the most popular types of gourds, it is worth mentioning ceramic or wooden mate gourds. The ceramic one would be the best option if you need one that is easy to clean. Its biggest advantage is the fact that you can put it in the dishwasher. Wooden mate gourd, in turn, is a real treat for every fan of yerba mate rituals. Our online shop offers also palo santo mate gourds - the ones that are made of the saint tree. Its aroma and the delicate aftertaste are released under the influence of warm infusion. It makes it taste and smell more original. If you want to take yerba mate with you when travelling, you can try Yerbomos 3.0 - a special therm flask for yerba mate.

Best bombilla for yerba mate

A good vessel for yerba mate is half the battle. The second half is a bombilla - how to choose it? When choosing the best one, it is worth taking the type of yerba mate into consideration. For example, if you prepare the infusion with a typical Brazilian chimarrao, you can use bombilla bomba - equipped with a wide, round filter with little holes. This kind of filter prevents clogging. The most popular type of bombillas is a spoon bombilla which shape resembles a spoon. It is the most universal kind of yerba mate straw. However, very dusty yerba mate types may be problematic as they can be sucked into the inside of the bombilla. In our offer, you can find also bombillas with double or triple filters that will be great especially when you drink infusions prepared with yerba mate with little or no dust. When it comes to the material, the most functional bombillas are the ones made of stainless steel or alpaca - they are the most sturdy and easy to clean.

Online shop offers the highest quality of yerba mate accesories.

Other accessories for yerba mate

Our online shop offers a wide range of other gadgets for yerba mate. It is worth mentioning the thermometer which may come in handy especially when it comes to the beginners but not only! If you want the washing of the bombilla to be easy, buy a cleaner. With these accessories washing the bombilla will not be a problem any more! If you want to purchase the highest-quality yerba mate accessories, visit our online shop!


Gourd ceramic  - 350ml

Gourd ceramic - 350ml

£6.50 incl. VAT/1pc
 Bombilla Sierra Gold INOX

Bombilla Sierra Gold INOX

£16.50 incl. VAT/1pc