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How to clean bombilla? Our tips.

How to clean bombilla? Our tips.

Bombilla is absolutely essential accessory for every yerba mate fan. Today we’ll share with you some tips that will help you maintain your bombilla in perfect condition for a long time to come!

Daily maintenance of your bombilla

To ensure the longevity of a bombilla, it’s important to remember to clean it after each use. Fortunately, maintaining the accessory at a basic level is very simple and will take only a few minutes. As you know, any contact with moisture accelerates the oxidation process. That’s why it’s important to dry a bombilla after each use. If it was made of stainless steel or alpaca, the corrosion won’t appear that quickly. However, no material is 100% resistant to it. So it’s important to remember, once you finish drinking, don’t leave your bombilla in cup. Remove it and dry it!

The most troublesome is the sediment that appears inside the bombilla. If it’s not cleaned regularly, it will accumulate enough over time to block the filter strainer and make drinking impossible! In such cases, a cleaner or a cleaning rod can be very helpful (you can buy them from us). You’ll have to put it inside the bombilla through the mouthpiece or the filter tip. Then, evenly penetrate its interior while rotating the cleaner or wiper around its axis. After a few moves, remove it. Then, wash the cleaner with cold water. Repeat the whole process at least 2-3 times, and finally thoroughly rinse the bombilla under the tap. It will be most effective if we have a bombilla with a screwed end. Otherwise, it might be difficult to reach all corners. Fortunately, there is one more way. One that no bombilla can resist! Read on.

Cleaning the bombilla with a solution of soda and citric acid

The following method will be a bit laborious, but the result is certainly worth it! You’ll need a pot of sufficient diameter to immerse the whole bombilla at the bottom. Pour in it a liter of water and add baking soda (about two teaspoons) and a teaspoon of citric acid. Then put the tubes in it and bring the whole to a boil. Boil the mixture with bombillas inside for at least a quarter of an hour. Sludge particles will quickly peel off. After the whole operation, pull out the bombilla and rinse thoroughly with running water. By removing stuck residue, you can additionally help with a brush or a paper towel. After bathing, the bombilla will soak up with the characteristic soda scent. Fortunately, you can get rid of it by boiling

As you can see, it ain’t difficult to put a new glow on your old bombilla. We hope that the methods we provide will be useful for you in the daily maintenance of the accessory!


Cleaner for bombilla

Cleaner for bombilla

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